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[ATS] Dynamic Suspension v1.0 [1.38.x]

October 11, 2020

Changelog 1.0.0:
– Reworked truck physics
– Reworked interior camera physics
– New Western Star 49X truck included!

This modification makes truck behavior to feel more realistic with Steering Wheel or Keyboard. This mode have “Realistic Steering with Keyboard” included. It allows you to make smooth turns on high speed without overturn the truck even if you use realistic suspension settings, in this case “Dynamic Suspension”.
The steering become harder when switching direction and increasing speed. It is less harder when is stationary, ideal for parking!
Braking is a important factor in simulation and also I made some improvements, helping keyboard users also. Now braking is progressive and not so brutal as the default. You will have to use more often the retarder or engine brake.
The video below is a demonstration for those who don’t have a steering wheel and want some realism with keyboard. I hope you enjoy it.