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[ATS] Mack ENDT673 Thermodyne – Sound Mod – 1.38.x

August 23, 2020

The classic Mack Thermodyne engine in it’s ENDT673 turbo-charged version.
This was the engine that equipped a great ammount of Mack B series models.

Version history:
– Version 1.00 2020/08/22
First release.


Special thanks for Robinicus for all tutorials and tips about FMOD and for his Cummins NH Jake Brake that is being used in this soundpack, because I couldn’t find any good Thermodyne jake braking sample on Youtube. Thanks also for ZeeMod for the turbo sample, which I choose to use because his samples are awesome.

The idea of this mod is to bring more realism to fans of old Mack trucks.

Developed for ATS 1.38+

Supported trucks:
Mack B61/B62 by mTG

Link 1 Sound:

Link 2 Truck:


Charlie, Robinicus, ZeeMod