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American Truck Simulator Map

There’s no denying that the modification which changes ATS the most is the map. If you can add more states, regions and roads for exploration, the game becomes more interesting. SCS Software does a tremendous job bringing US countryside and cityscapes into the game. You have the better part of Western United States projected into the game with meticulous detail. However, the mod community take it a step further. You can find more detailed variations of individual state maps which are usually called state expansions. They add more towns, cities and roads as well as picturesque countryside to the game.

With that being said, the category of map mods that people download the most is the map expansions. It’s kind of sad being able to drive to the edge of the United States border and not being able to go a few miles further to Canada or Mexico, right? This is why modders have developed detailed and quite expansive and huge maps for Mexico, Canada, and other regions. They’re all free and available to download. Get a free American Truck Simulator mod, make sure it’s compatible with your game, load it and begin playing. Take your experience to the next level and add unparalleled immersion right now.

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CanaDream v2.40.1

April 5, 2021

Changelog v2.40.1
Canadream updated to exclude Montana Expansion

Coast to Coast map 2.11.14 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.40.1
2-Coast to Coast Map v2.11.14

compatible ATS 1.40
compatible C2C 2.11.14

ManiaX, update Mantrid

American truck simulator mods / Maps

Reforma Map v2.1.3

April 5, 2021

v2.1.3 – fixed most of the bugs reported

Summary of the changelog:
-Merge of Pazz, Mexico Extremo, Mexxsimap, Viva Mexico and free parts of Eblem’s beta work into one map
-No more separate download of files, but map mod in one file (includes the mega resources too)
-Compatibility for 1.40 version of ATS
-New areas by Pazz, Indio, and Palmspring
-Chihuahua Beta 5 by Eblem released for FREE and added to this map
-New Mexico themed models (thanks to Stephanie)
-Bug fixing (both visual as performance fixes)
-Introduction of service signs on USA parts of this map
-Reworked/rebuilt older parts of the map (both USA and Mexico)
-Scenery improvements, especially in older Sierra Nevada parts

Reforma Team

American truck simulator mods / Maps

US 287 from Helena to I90 started –
removed invisible walls at Hardin/I90 ramps

Lookout Pass added at Montana/Idaho border on I90.
Invisible wall removed at exit 15 I90 westbound in Idaho


American truck simulator mods / Maps

Changes v2.11.14
This version fixes a couple of bugs and completely removes Montana Expansion from C2C.

Changes v2.11.13
Updated v2.11.3 to fix a few minor issues and to add Syracuse and Ithaca NY.

Changelog v2.11.12
Update for 1.40 release
Some fixes

C2C v2.11.14 for ATS v1.40

DLC New Mexico & Oregon, WA, Utah, Idaho, colorado required

Download .scs file then activate it in the Mod Manager.

Mantrid – Lousiana completely rebuilt
ShirBlackspots – Texas improvements
Ways71 – Various scenery improvements along I-95

American truck simulator mods / Maps

ATS Island Map mod – The Big Island, Hawaii.

A few months ago I started a new project. I wanted to do something different. After a few ideas, I decided on Hawaii.

I hope to include other North American islands such as Guam, Puerto Rico and more! Although these islands will be in a future update. I have expressed consideration for oceanic island nations. One in particular is New Zealand. I may make New Zealand after Hawaii (or possibly concurrently with Hawaii).

Check out the Island Map Plan on Google Maps.

Load Order:

– Midwest Expansion
– Canadream
– Coast to Coast
– Mega Resources C2C Patch 3 (Required if using C2C or Canadream with Island Map)
– Mega Resources
– Island Map
– Promods: Canada Load Order
– Reforma: Sierra Nevada
– PaZzMod
– Mexssimap
– Chihuahua
– Mexico Extremo
– Viva Mexico

*Bolded items = Required mods for Island Map to work.

People have been having issues with crashes when using MUO and Island Map together. I’m not sure why this is as of now. I will look into making a patch soon. It’s weird.
As of now, Minor Urban Overhal is not compatible with Island Map.


American truck simulator mods / Maps

Hello guys, this is a map mod that adds the stretch of route 191 below I-10 in Arizona.
There you will have two companies where you can load and unload (look for cargo in San Simon, AZ)

Tested at 1.40, test on other versions.

Leo Lima

American truck simulator mods / Maps

Montana Expansion Map – The modification is designed to expand the territory of Montana, add new cities and routes. Mod rebuilds and improves roads and cities in favor of greater realism and compliance with real places. The mod requires a Coast2Coast map. The Montana Expansion map for American Truck Simulator offers the user to become part of a huge game world, where there are lots of features and really cool add-ons that you could only imagine before, and now you can ride them with joy.

Features Montana Expansion Map:
– has been added to Coast2Coast Map
– Completely rebuilt US 2 entrance to Spokane
– Improved Glendive
– New Farm North of Glendive
– Removed 2 train stations in Great Falls to fix bugs they caused
– Most cities now have city speed limits
– Highways with 2 lanes have a proper speed limit of 70 mph (car) and 60 mph (truck)
– redesigned farm south of Wolf Point
– Glasgow terrain reworked, also fixed street and no more prefab houses
– other various improvements and changes

Changes in v0.9.9.5:
– Lookout Pass added at Montana/Idaho border on I90.
– Invisible wall removed at exit 15 I90 westbound in Idaho


American truck simulator mods / Maps

Changelog v0.9.9.2:

fix speed limit between Helena and Great Falls –
adjust police cars for Glendive to Billings ST on the Billings exit, little easier to make your left now –
a few adjustments north of Shelby –
replace all cattle guards for the newer models –
EDIT – this is again for the 1.40 ob

Thanks, and Keep on Trucking


American truck simulator mods / Maps