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Here you will find various miscellaneous, other modifications for the American Truck Simulator game. Here, on Gamersmods every player can download truck, bus, car, map, tuning, skin, sound, traffic, trailer and interior mods for ATS. However, these aren’t the only categories of the game that are being modified. For example, the game’s physics engine could be modified to create a more realistic driving and trucking experience. Furthermore, you can modify the game’s economy to make the financial environment a lot more realistic.
Chances are, if you don’t find the right category of modifications from the list, the right ATS file is right here, on ATS other mods category. It’s worth your while to browse this category regardless. You can find something exciting and something very interesting, which can totally overhaul your gaming experience. All of these modifications are free for download. Make sure the modifications, regardless of their category, are compatible with the version of the game that you’re running. Also, perform a check so that the mods can co-exist together – whether they are compatible.
Once you download the mod, place it in the /mod folder and boot up the game. In the main menu, go to ‘Mod manager’ and load it up. Make sure you select the proper loading order if you are running multiple mods.
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the ATS mods that we also have available. If you like a specific file, rate it 5 stars and leave a comment!

This mod improves Peterbilt 389 Dashboard:
– added current speed gauge;
– added cruise control gauge;
– added low beam lights icon;
– added remaining fuel/adblue in tank percent;
– added trip average speed indicator;
– added trip time;
– added engine brake icon;
– added ETA (estimated time to arrival) indicator, hidden when time is not available (no delivery, no navigation etc.);
– added time until rest is needed indicator, hidden when fatigue option is disabled;
– added low fuel warning;
– fixes and improvements.

KnightRider, SCS

American truck simulator mods / Others

Slightly larger font size to improve readability
Adds speed limit in the dashboard
Adds time to rest
Adds range and fuel remaining


American truck simulator mods / Others

Mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers, many companies are animated! All gates and barriers have a collision, so to fully open do not attempt to drive to the base or to leave. In fashion there are not all companies that are in the game, the mod will be updated!

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Version 1.5:
– Mod adapted for patch 1.49
– Fixed bugs

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Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!

SCS, Schumi, AlexeyP

American truck simulator mods / Others


December 31, 2023

ATTENTION! I made these mods for myself and you may not need them.
American Truck Simulator
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
mod Mack Superliner and mod pack:
– ATS_MINI_Combo_Mod_ver.3.1_.scs
– Mack_Superliner_v2.2.0_.scs
– only_MACK_SL_truck_work_.scs
– Sound_truck_mack_e7_.scs
– Sound_truck_mack_mp8_.scs
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
RAR file: mod_Mack_Superliner_and_mod_pack.rar
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
bobo58 / 29.12.2023


American truck simulator mods / Others

Daniels Random Events v1.4.2b

December 28, 2023

Changes in 1.4.2b
– Adapted and compatibility for 1.49

This mod adds over 600 different new random events to appear on the roads in ATS.
There are many different types of events ranging all the way from car accidents to asphalt patches and from trailer fires to breakdowns.
All of the events are dynamic in one way or another so they are slightly different each time they spawn.
All of the events have different rarity levels depending on the type of event so some events will spawn more often than others.
Different types of events have different rarity levels as well so some events you will see more often than others.

Other Changes:
– Added a second white strip to the traffic cone and made the white strips retroreflective to make it more realistic and to make it easier to be seen at night time.
– Added collisions to the drain covers/channels.
– Added collisions to the asphalt patches.


American truck simulator mods / Others

Real World Signs & Logos v1.7

December 28, 2023

This mod changes textures in the game’s scenery and traffic to depictions of real-life signs and company logos. I tried to match the appearance of the real-life signage when possible while also fitting seamlessly into the game.

Version 1.7:
– Should have fixed a possible error with Kolico files
– Fixed night texture for the Dallas Hilton-Antole

Generic Buildings
Rainbow Basket – Kroger
Replaced Oklahoma welcome sign with real life version.
Soda Vending machines
Trucker Cola – Coca-Cola
SuperJuice – Fanta
Crystalina – Dasani
Cold Drinks has changed from Coca-Cola to Pepsi to provide variety.
Shipping containers

Wallbert – Hamburg Sud/”K” Line
Sell Goods – China Shipping
Chems – Hapag-Llyod/Yang Ming

OWL RS 42 – Hyster RS 46-33
Double Stack Intermodal rail car
Bushnell – HUB Group
Sell Goods – JB Hunt Intermodal
Sunshine – CSX Intermodal
Charged – Maersk
Chemso and Wallbert have had the logos removed.

Horns Hotel – Antlers Hotel (Colorado Springs)
Clarity Hotel – Clarion Hotel (Denver)
Field Stadium – Empower Field Stadium at Mile High (Denver)
Managed to put some real life logos around the unchangeable Field Stadium sign.
Replaced Children’s Museum bird logo (Denver)
Turtleneck Studios – Turntable Studios (Denver)

New Mexico
Replaced Clayton welcome sign with real life version (Clayton)
Des Moines Lady Dumas – Des Moines Lady Demons (Des Moines)
Joshua’s – Joseph’s (Santa Rosa)
Also changed Fat Man head.

Updated state logos at Oklahoma Welcome Center (I-40)

Fish Shop – Bass Pro Shop (Dallas)
Fishing Boats – Tracker Boats
North Central Plaza signage (Dallas)
Added logo to leasing banner
Solomon Oil Intl. – Zion Oil & Gas
Bank Regional – Cadence Bank
L&R Electronics – swagit
North Living – Camden Homes
Replaced Plaza sign with street number on Park Plaza Tower (Dallas)
Texas Fort Hospital – Texas Health Presbyterian (Denton)
Replaced Gainesville logo on water tower with real one (Gainesville)
Replaced Victoria logo on water tower with real one (Victoria)
Health Group – United Regional (Witchita Falls)

Added Chase Bank logo to building (Salt Lake City)
Aquarium – Loveland Living Planet Aquarium (Salt Lake City)
Bank – Zions Bank (Salt Lake City)
Cyprus Building (Salt Lake City)
Dental Clinic logo on building – Cyprus Family Dental
Dental Clinic logo on totem – Cyprus Credit Union
HOTEL – Marriott (Salt Lake City)
Hotel – Hilton (Salt Lake City)
iBank – Key Bank (Salt Lake City)
SU Bank – US Bank (Salt Lake City)

Replaced logo with logo for Hotel Murano (Tacoma)


American truck simulator mods / Others

Version 3.02.22
Changed Buildmasters to Cornejo
Changed Fed-Ex stepvan to Amazon stepvan
Updated FlyingJ logo colors
Updated shoplogo’s
Updated billboards
Bugfix Acura UI-logo
Bugfix backwards Alamo entrance sign
Bugfix console errors
Bugfix gasstations reflections
Bugfix Union pacific logo
Bugfix NAF sign on truck 3row roof

This mod changes:
Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies
SCS company trailers to real company trailers
SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants
SCS gas stations to real gas station brands
Las vegas hotel names
Airplane liveries
Real companies for AI-traffic (van’s, busses)
SCS shop names to real shop names
Roadservice signs
Various small signs, containers and vehicles
Cargo tweaks for Target & Walmart


American truck simulator mods / Others




American truck simulator mods / Others