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Here you will find various miscellaneous, other modifications for the American Truck Simulator game. Here, on Gamersmods every player can download truck, bus, car, map, tuning, skin, sound, traffic, trailer and interior mods for ATS. However, these aren’t the only categories of the game that are being modified. For example, the game’s physics engine could be modified to create a more realistic driving and trucking experience. Furthermore, you can modify the game’s economy to make the financial environment a lot more realistic.
Chances are, if you don’t find the right category of modifications from the list, the right ATS file is right here, on ATS other mods category. It’s worth your while to browse this category regardless. You can find something exciting and something very interesting, which can totally overhaul your gaming experience. All of these modifications are free for download. Make sure the modifications, regardless of their category, are compatible with the version of the game that you’re running. Also, perform a check so that the mods can co-exist together – whether they are compatible.
Once you download the mod, place it in the /mod folder and boot up the game. In the main menu, go to ‘Mod manager’ and load it up. Make sure you select the proper loading order if you are running multiple mods.
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the ATS mods that we also have available. If you like a specific file, rate it 5 stars and leave a comment!

Version 3.02.19
Fixed bugs from last version
Updated manifest version
Updated to 1.48.5

This mod changes:
Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies
SCS company trailers to real company trailers
SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants
SCS gas stations to real gas station brands
Las vegas hotel names
Airplane liveries
Real companies for AI-traffic (van’s, busses)
SCS shop names to real shop names
Roadservice signs
Various small signs, containers and vehicles
Cargo tweaks for Target & Walmart


American truck simulator mods / Others

ATS Extracted_SCS

October 27, 2023

ATTENTION! I made this for myself and maybe you do not need it.
RAR-archive Extracted_SCS_24.10.2023.rar ~600kB
This the Extracted_SCS for extracted files.scs in ATS and ETS2
Run the Extracted_SCS.exe file and specify any location convenient for you on any disk and the Extracted_SCS folder will be created there
Need free space for unpacking files, scs of two games is approximately 70GB
Afterwards in the created folder Extracted_SCS read Manual_Extracted_SCS_.txt to continue


American truck simulator mods / Others

Realistic Graphics v3.0 1.48

October 21, 2023

Changes v3.0
Supports version 1.48.

Version 3 alpha
More details coming soon
This mod replaces textures for roads of ALL states in ATS
Realistic exterior camera
This mod modifies the mirror FOV to a more realistic setting (lower FOV)
Replaces the texture of some trees
Not compatible with “Fael Environment” “grimes season”
Can work smoothly
Added new trees
Added new montain texture
Added new roads
Added new new navigation mode
Added new signage
Added new icons
Added new skybox

This mod replaces textures for roads of ALL states in ATS
Adapted Active Roll Control(ARC) system
Improved interior camera movements
Realistic suspension springing
Realistic cab shaking
This mod modifies the mirror FOV to a more realistic setting (lower FOV)
Replaces the texture of some trees


American truck simulator mods / Others

New Ferry Lines v1.0

October 21, 2023

This is a simple mod that adds some sea connections to American Truck Simulator mainly for the maps of the Pacific and Caribbean islands, but not only.

Galveston (TX) – Havana (CUB)
Los Angeles (CA) – Homer (AK)
Homer (AK) – Ngarchelong (PLW)
Honolulu (HI) – Valdez (AK)
Koror (PLW) – Mazatlàn (MX)
Truro (NS) – Nassau (BHS)


American truck simulator mods / Others

Better Truck Stops v1.0

October 15, 2023

Added Wyoming

I think everyone has thought about the fact that in American Truck Simulator the truck stops are too empty both during the day and at night. In reality, at night, the truck stops are filled with a decent amount of trucks on them. In automatic telephone exchange, they remain the same empty. I tried to fix this, and now at night (namely from 21:00), the truck stop will be filled with trucks.

Here is a list of states where truck stops have become more realistic:


American truck simulator mods / Others

The idea to create this tool came from GDC Logistics – Realistic Economy Mod from Steam workshop. It simulates real economy, prices & stuff, and has got a detailed manual on how trucking works in real life and a trip time planning ‘formula’. I used this formula to create a more automated route time planning. I also saw some people using real EDL apps for their trucking, but then, a shift in ATS would be much smaller than in real life, so I figured for myself how it would work best for me in the game. So below is an explainer of how I add more realism to ATS gameplay with this ‘tool’. I’ll split it into 2 sections for more clarity.

1. TRIP TIME PLANNING – There are 2 tabs in the excel file dedicated to route planning. 1st one explains the logic od calculation (taken from GDC mod), 2nd is where you put your route length, average speed, # of stops and other driver’s activities. These calculations allow to plan your trips better according to your Hours of Service statuses i.e. avoid delays in your deliveries, and avoid HOS violations. So what you’d do is enter values as shown on the screenshot below and it will calculate approximate time you will be needing to complete your trip (taking rest breaks, fuel stops, loading / unloading time into account)

This bit is set to replace ATS’s default fatigue simulation. What I do here is switch it off in the gameplay settings, but monitor my HOS via this file and game time. As you might know, driver’s shift in the US must not take more than 14hrs before 10 consecutive hrs or rest, out of which driving is allowed for only 11hrs during the shift. A driver must also take a 30min break after driven 8 consecutive hrs. Now real EDLs look different and have much more options, but I find my and ATS time much more condensed to follow all of US regulations. So I just mark my shift start time, drive start time (after I’ve started my shift and made pretrip inspection, etc.), do a break after 8hrs of consecutive driving and make sure I shut down before the 14hrs clock runs out. I love this bit of the simulation, because it shows how trucking is not just about driving, but about safety also. So to make it work you just need to ‘log’ your hours like shown on a screenshot below. Note that the times must be entered in decimal format – e.g. 7hrs 15 minutes in decimals would be 7,25.


American truck simulator mods / Others

– Tweaks for companies

This add-on of our popular real companies, gas stations & billboards mod will go further where the Steam limitations can take us. In the initial release we have decreased the number of Walmart’s by changing them to Target and Swift depots. This means Target and Swift won’t be just in the Texas DLC anymore. It also opens the door to add regional supermarkets in the future.

Also in the initial release is IKEA. We took the ETS2 prefab and placed in ATS. There are about 9 depots, all in the cities we’re they are in real-life. Last, but not least, we opened up some landmarks to deliver to. You can now go to several stadiums, convention centers and maybe even a festivalground..

For this mod, the Texas DLC is required!


American truck simulator mods / Others

American Truck Stops

October 6, 2023

Adds more trucks in all companies, gas stations and truck stops.
Tested 1.48 Game Version.

Ernst Veliz

American truck simulator mods / Others