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Here you will find various miscellaneous, other modifications for the American Truck Simulator game. Here, on Gamersmods every player can download truck, bus, car, map, tuning, skin, sound, traffic, trailer and interior mods for ATS. However, these aren’t the only categories of the game that are being modified. For example, the game’s physics engine could be modified to create a more realistic driving and trucking experience. Furthermore, you can modify the game’s economy to make the financial environment a lot more realistic.
Chances are, if you don’t find the right category of modifications from the list, the right ATS file is right here, on ATS other mods category. It’s worth your while to browse this category regardless. You can find something exciting and something very interesting, which can totally overhaul your gaming experience. All of these modifications are free for download. Make sure the modifications, regardless of their category, are compatible with the version of the game that you’re running. Also, perform a check so that the mods can co-exist together – whether they are compatible.
Once you download the mod, place it in the /mod folder and boot up the game. In the main menu, go to ‘Mod manager’ and load it up. Make sure you select the proper loading order if you are running multiple mods.
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Unlimited Money + XP Mod For ATS
Compatible and Tested On ATS 1.39 and 1.40 OB Versions

Harsha Dissanayake

American truck simulator mods / Others

This mod created by me, changes ingame advertising boards to time-period authentic billboards from the 80s. Advertisements including beauty products, alcohol, cigarettes and famous brands as well as local area-specific billboards created by me and ones found on the internet.


American truck simulator mods / Others

This mod changes some of the logos present in the shops to realistic ones, it’s a small change that adds a lot of realism.

The mod will work on all DLC states and is compatible with ATS Real logos project

This mod must have higher priority than ATS Real logos mod
Tested on 1.39 and is compatible with all DLC’s

****Changelog V1.1****
– New shops:
> Subway
> Chase
> Rite Aid
> Dollar General
> StateFarm
> Western Union
> Planet Fitness
> Office Max
> Under Armour

– Special Shops:
> Andy’s Donuts —> Randy’s Donuts (Los Angeles)
> Cofibreak —> Starbucks (Colorado)
> Franks Frites —> Pete’s Frites (Albuquerque RTE 66)
> LOWI’S —> LOWE’S (RTE 66)
> Mlaheur Drug – Malheur Drug (Vale, Oregon)
> Mohawk Restaurant, The Woodsman Country Lodge (Crescent – Oregon)

– Bank Banners:
> Wells Fargo (Nevada, New Mexico & Colorado)
> Chase (Washington)
> UsBank (Oregon)

– Miscellaneous:
> Sunshine Mills Wall (WIP)
> Pana Auto Care Center —> Napa Auto Care Center
> Motor City —> Firestone Complete Auto Care
> Coca Cola vending machine
> Dasani water vending machine
> Comic Con wall posters
> Stihl Chainsaw

Pedro Martins

American truck simulator mods / Others

2021 JAN 25 (1.39.3)
– Added “Hauling Hope” trailers in traffic.

This mod must be installed at a higher priority over other sound or AI mods. DO NOT USE IN PARALLEL WITH SNOW VERSION!

This mod makes the in-game driving experience a little more realistic.
Here is an outline of what has changed (NOTE: Points with a # symbol indicate something is not yet implemented):

– Cargo
– Cargo and trailer combinations reworked.
– Inspired by LAFAYET47’s Ownable Cargo Market Rework mod. Consider mine the ‘lite’ version of his.
– Cargo not requiring a cold-temperature climate will no longer use refrigerated trailers.
– Some exposed cargo transported by Flatbed trailers can now be transported via Sliding Tarp trailers.
– Vehicles
– The following vehicles are removed from traffic as they are not found in the United States.
– Ford S-Max
– Mercedes C-Class Estate
– All AI cars, trucks, and buses have realistic acceleration and top speed behavior.
– For every car, engine power and weights have been carefully researched. Each car will accelerate differently. The primary source of information is “”.
– Top speed for every car is based on either factory tire specifications, a set speed limiter by the manufacturer, or a theoretical calculation from “”.
– Top speed for all cars towing trailers in California is 55 MPH (plus 10% speeding allowance).
– Top speed for every semi-truck varies according to certain configurations and conditions.
– Top speed for all buses is 75 MPH.
– In traffic, there is more variety of trailers (empty and loaded).
– The following Combination Vehicles (CV) are added…
– Rocky Mountain Doubles.
– Triples.
– Traffic density has been reworked.
– Special thanks to cip for letting me use part of his Real Traffic Density mod!
– World
– Traffic signals have longer and realistic timings.
– Green light interval is at least 20 seconds.
– Left-turn interval is 10 seconds.
– Amber (yellow) light interval is 4 seconds.
– Left-turn interval is 3 seconds.
– 2-second delay interval between signals.
# AI
# Car, truck, and train sounds are emitted based on engine specifications.
# Example: If you see a Tesla, you’ll hear a hint of electricity powering it.
# Horn sounds for both cars and trucks have changed.
# Police sirens are replaced with more realistic-sounding ones (recorded from Whelen 295SL100 device).
# Environment
# Bad Spring/Summer/Fall Weather
# Rainfall is slightly louder, noticeable during heavy precipitation.
# Feel Thor’s power through your speakers with better thunder sounds!
# Bad Winter Weather
# When it is snowing, all you can hear is the sound of air (wind).
# Mover
# Sounds have been added to various movers such as flags, commercial airliners, and even the F-22 Raptor. Some sounds such as the helicopter have been improved.

I hope you all have a better driving experience with this mod.


American truck simulator mods / Others

Welcome fellow truckers,

Since P16 left his his project of the Real Company Logo 3D. I have decided to help bring his wonderful company mod back and keep alive. As I know many of you loved his mod as much as i did. I have picked up where he left off and started adding new things to help make it feel more realistic.

the list of changes made :

cofibreak = starbucks
dircks = kfc & box van traffic
dream_burger = burger king & box van traffic
donut_planet = dunkin donuts
pizzahouse = pizza hut
taco_kingdom = taco bell
waffltopia = waffle house
iflop = ihop
demuro = ford
drake = chevrolet
ufo burger = mcdonalds
usbb factory : Pepsi (3D models)
vitas power : Vestas Power (3D models)
Upated company defs to 1.38 standards
Added HollyWood Sign {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Added mutt_578d to cat_785c {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Added constuction vehichle textures {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Added train logos {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Prefab service & vineyards {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Some textures from ATS Real Logo {Keeper}
Changed abq_cargo entrance sign to UPS Cargo Center (3D models)
Changed Avalanche Steel : Schnitzer Steel (3D models) building_sign_01 TODO
Busnell Farms bushnell_farms_wall_plane (3D models) TODO
Changed Farmers Barn to Tractor Supply Co (3D models)
Changed Fish Tail Fooda to Trident Seafoods (3D models)
Added General Mill to arrows & billboard (3D models)
Changed Haddock Shipyard to Vigor (3D models)
Changed Heartwood Furniture to Ashley Furniture Industries (3D models)
Added missing Home Depot (3D models)
Changed Olthons Homes to D.R. Horton (3D models)
Changed Page & Price Paper to Georgia Pacific (3D models)
Changed Phoenix Freight to Phoenix Sky Harbor (3D models)
Changed Sea Horizon to Horizon Yacht (3D models) TODO
Changed Steeler to Evraz (3D models)

P16, satan19990, Chief86

American truck simulator mods / Others

Unlimited 2’s Camera 1.39
With the secondary camera, you can get away unlimitedly.
Game Version 1.39 tried working.

MLT, SCS, Mevlutt

American truck simulator mods / Others

Fuel Residue [1.39.x]

December 9, 2020

This mod adds the Remaining fuel on the home screen of the on-board computer for FreightlinerCascadia2019 and WesternStar-49X from SCS.

SCS Software, dobr4060

American truck simulator mods / Others

Sometimes I have this issue with the cable connector texture being “missing” and maybe other people have this issue to. so I created a fix for it



American truck simulator mods / Others