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In American Truck Simulator, truck configuration is important and essential to everyone’s gameplay experience. This is why almost every player spends a lot of time in the garage and at the car dealer trying to make the perfect truck. Everything – from the engine, all the way to the interior trim can be changed, and players take full advantage of it. It’s actually one of the most exciting features of ATS and all SCS Software truck simulator games.
However, after time, the base game runs out of new parts and tuning options. This is why you should look at ATS Parts/Tuning mods. In this category, you can find tons of visual, engineering or other types of modifications that can make any truck look and drive very different than the base version of the game offers. You can divide these part/tuning mods of ATS into two types. You have visual parts and tuning mods or engine/gearbox modifications. The former changes the look of the cars or add some realistic, unique-looking mods for the car while the latter offer powerful or unique powertrain combinations to help deal with heavier cargo or to make your regular semi go like a racing truck.
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Running Lights v1.0

December 11, 2022

This mod adds various led lights, works on all trucks.

For 1.46


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Parts pack for the Australian Kenworth Mega Pack.
mod has custom license plates, custom lights, custom mudflaps, aerials and everything else you can think of.
Big shout-out to Damien Sims and all CJD crew for releasing the mod, the community thank you guys


CJD, RTA, SWR, ReneNate, Macca’s.

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning


– Added International 9900i bumper and banner.

– Fixed the bumper lights flashing yellow with left turn signal.

All bumpers/bull bars are chrome and paintable versions.
All bumpers have oversize load banners.

To change the color of the bumper, it is 6pixels x 6pixels in size and is located at the very bottom left corner of the texture.

Located in front banner.
– Cascadia

Located in bumper.
– Lonestar, Kenworth t680, Anthem, Peterbilt 579, Peterbilt 389, Kenworth w900, Volvo VNL, Western Star 49x, International LT, International 9900i.

Bars/bumpers have (a lot) light accessories. Lights are auxilery so turn them on by hitting F4 then aux lights.

All bumpers should now have oversize load banners that fit.


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

This is a small def file edit to bring the Turbo Wing from the Peterbilt 389 to the International 9900i.
I will not be changing level needed or pricing of this.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not compatible with any painted parts mods.


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Added support for rezbilt.389
This mod makes the truck lights, headlights, blinker lights as well as trailer brake lights and turn signals brighter
The goal of this mod is to make truck lights, headlights, blinker lights as well a
trailer brake lights and turn signals brighter, so I will not decrease the brightness of the lights!!


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Update v1.1:

Newest Jazzycat’s truck traffic pack support

Changes the engines of the default scs ai trucks to be more realistic. By default their engines are <400hp, some even <300hp which makes them ridiculously slow. Their default max speed is also too low (65mph) but this mod doesn't change that because the file that needs to be edited is used in multiple other common mods. It should now also work with Jazzycat's truck traffic packs, just remember to place it higher in the mod manager. It might still need some tweaks, some trucks might be a little too slow, some too fast, I'll adjust it after some testing.


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

This mod improves the lighting on the International Diamond steering wheel

This has bothered me since the Lonestar arrived. Now that we have a new International with the same steering wheel that, unlike the Lonestar, doesn’t hurt to look at; I decided to fix it.

What problem does this solve?

The International steering wheel always looked perfectly fine in the configurator. But as soon as you took it out for a drive, suddenly the wheel is replaced by a horrendous flat black hole cartoon version of a wheel with no depth and zero texture that lighting never hits.

Not sure what SCS did or didn’t do to it, but other wheels don’t have this problem. This doesn’t solve it entirely as it is still too dark at times, but it makes it significantly better.

Compatible with: LT, Lonestar and Harven’s HX520

Outlaw Transport

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

This mod features an 18 and an 20 speed transmission that’s made for heavy loads and efficient hauling.

The differential_ratio for the ultra transmissions is: 2.83

The differential_ratio for the transmissions is: 2.94

Feedback is very important to us

You may find bugs, if you do, report them in the comments section

SCS Trucks supported:

Kenworth W900 (SCS)
Kenworth T680 (SCS)
Peterbilt 389 (SCS)
Volvo VNL (SCS)
Peterbilt 579 (SCS)
Mack Anthem (SCS)
Freightliner Cascadia (SCS)
Western Star 49x (SCS)
International Lonestar (SCS
International LT (SCS)


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning