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In American Truck Simulator, truck configuration is important and essential to everyone’s gameplay experience. This is why almost every player spends a lot of time in the garage and at the car dealer trying to make the perfect truck. Everything – from the engine, all the way to the interior trim can be changed, and players take full advantage of it. It’s actually one of the most exciting features of ATS and all SCS Software truck simulator games.
However, after time, the base game runs out of new parts and tuning options. This is why you should look at ATS Parts/Tuning mods. In this category, you can find tons of visual, engineering or other types of modifications that can make any truck look and drive very different than the base version of the game offers. You can divide these part/tuning mods of ATS into two types. You have visual parts and tuning mods or engine/gearbox modifications. The former changes the look of the cars or add some realistic, unique-looking mods for the car while the latter offer powerful or unique powertrain combinations to help deal with heavier cargo or to make your regular semi go like a racing truck.
Every mod on Gamersmods is free so don’t wait and download them! If you appreciate a particular modification, make sure to rate it and leave a comment, so other players and the mod developer knows they’ve done an excellent job.

hello everyone! i have finally finished working on the classic ive been working on for weeks now and now its ready to be released, in this mod there are about 6 folders which contain a rim pack (a different one not the one from steam),a lights pack,a sound fix pack for ATS (if you havent gotten one), 2 flatbeds and 2 versions of the freightliner classic! both freightliner classic folders are the similar but only difference is that 1 is a version with a single shift stick and one does not contain the single shift stick, in this case it contains a twin stick shift. i hope you enjoy the mod!

the key to the mod (incase it asks for a decryption key) – Ti5mMRmXBOvX7gCeIiwi9SpDewxCMa8JteDSamcD3Kg

BSA,odd_fellow,KD,randy-man,Big joe

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Detroit Series 60 DDEC IV Add-on engine pack for Zeemod’s Series 60 Sound Pack

This pack contains 7 variants of the DDEC IV Detroit Series 60 engine for use with Zeemod’s fantastic Series 60 sound pack, in both 12.7 and 14-liter variants, including variants with 1,850 lbf-ft, providing similar pulling power to the CAT 3406/C15.

Each engine comes with unique torque curves based on Detroit’s official performance charts.

Included engines:


430 HP/1,550 lbf-ft
500 HP/1,650 lbf-ft


500 HP/1,650 lbf-ft or 1,850 lbf-ft
550 HP/1,650 lbf-ft or 1,850 lbf-ft
575 HP/1,850 lbf-ft

All credit goes to Zeemod (CheckEngine on the SCS forums) for his Series 60 sound pack.

ATS 1.37/1.38 and above only (WILL NOT work on lower versions)

Compatible with the following trucks:


– Kenworth W900L
– Peterbilt 389
– Peterbilt 579
– International Lonestar


– Freightliner Classic XL (by Jon Ruda)
– Peterbilt 389 Glider (by Jon Ruda)
– Kenworth W900L “Highway Killer” (by Jon Ruda)
– Freightliner Argosy (by Lucasi and Harven)
– Freightliner FLD (by Lucasi and Harven)
– Freightliner FLB (by Harven)
– International 9800 (by Lucasi and Harven)
– Kenworth K100E (by Overfloater)
– Kenworth W900B (by GTM)
– Kenworth T800 (by GTM)
– Peterbilt 567 (by GTM)
– Peterbilt 379/389 (by Viper)


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Change v1.1 (New)
-Fixed version 1.38
-Mack Anthem Trucks support
-Add 10-speed , 6-speed And 7-speed Gearbox Kenworth W900 Truck

Change v1.0 :
– Kenworth W900 625 HP Engine For All Trucks
– Kenworth W900 18-speeds Gearbox For All Trucks

Includes trucks :
– Intnational Lonestar
– Kenworth T680
– Reterbilt 389
– Peterbilt 579
– Volvo VNL

How to choose a trucks engine :
Engine 1$ : Kenworth W900 625 HP Engine
Engine 2$ : Kenworth W900 625 HP Engine + Kenworth W900 18-speeds gearbox
Engine 3$ : Kenworth W900 625 HP Engine + Kenworth W900 10-speeds gearbox
Engine 4$ : Kenworth W900 625 HP Engine + Kenworth W900 6-speeds gearbox
Engine 5$ : Kenworth W900 625 HP Engine + Kenworth W900 7-speeds gearbox


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

A Special thanks too Rc FlashDriver for showing me how to create this engine mod, I seriously could not have created this mod without his help, so please go and show him love. Thank you Rc FlashDriver for everything:) All the changes to the mod will not be in the description, all the changes will be in the change note section.:) No one is allowed to do Add-Ons to/ or for any truck without asking my permission first! Rc FlashDriver and I have worked really hard to make the engine perfect

joker_guy21476; RC FLASHDRIVER for helping me make the mod

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

E-F RTLO-xx913/18 Gearboxes + Diffs ADD-ON FOR RICH05TV’S KENWORTH W900 LONG V1.0

**Please note that this is not my Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions mod, this is a road mod by Fury6. This is a Add-On for rich05tv’s Kenworth W900 Long!!!**

– Tested and works with 1.38.x

**This is a work in progress so please if there are any bugs tell me so I can fix them!**




joker_guy21476; FURY6 for the Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions Mod

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Edit For Mack Anthem 4×2 & 8×4 Chassis by Right Lane Gaming (V1.0)


This mod makes changes ONLY to the parts from:
– Mack Anthem 4×2 & 8×4 Chassis made by Right Lane Gaming

Chassis 8×4
– Work with all cabins
– Edited the fake shadow to fit the position of each axle
– Edited the lift axle to become steerable
– Edited the lift axle to make the wheels lift a bit higher *

* Edit is based on SCS wheel size.




* You should have the original mod(s), activated, and placed below this edit mod.


KCR 58 (Game)

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Tested in ATS V1.38

V1.0 (2020-08-26)

KCR 58 (Game)

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

This is the fastest, most realistic, best sounding gas engine in American Truck Simulator. The engine produces about 810 Crank HP and 770 Crank lb-ft. This engine will rev up to 9500 RPM, but you won’t be doing that very long as it will drink the fuel tank.

Pair this engine with the Runaway Demon transmission (included in this mod) and you can bring it up to 160 MPH before it can no longer accelerate. Don’t expect to be going record speeds with a load. Remember, this is a gasoline engine. They don’t have the low end torque like the Diesels do.

The mod supports the following trucks

All SCS trucks
Dodge Challenger

Rc FlashDriver

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Amplified sounds of air brakes and gearshift.

Sonidos amplificados de los frenos de aire y cambio de velocidades.


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning