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ATS skins mods category is filled with both truck and trailer skins for American Truck Simulator. Even though if you have all the expansions installed, there are a lot of different painting and decal variations available in the game, mods allow to take it to the next level and offer even more variety. Downloading a skin can transform your gameplay experience and make ATS a lot less monotonous or boring for you. There are tons of skins to choose from. Most skins are compatible with other mods, so you can truly have a one-of-a-kind vehicle to drive.
Otherwise, you will have the ability to drive a famous truck from a movie or have a color scheme that is unique to your country, region or profession, even. There really are no limits on liveries, skins and colors that are available to you, the players. Some of them represent real-life companies, others are purely works of fiction. Every American Truck Simulator player will be able to find their cup of tea here!
Choose from the hundreds of different free ATS skin mods that are available on Gamersmods. Don’t forget that you can download and use multiple skins for other trucks or items in-game. If you like a mod, leave a review and a comment to show your appreciation.

CSA Truck & Trailer mod

March 27, 2021

This is a CSA truck and Trailer skin that I made!
Hope you guys Enjoy!
(only for SCS Cascadia and SCS 53Ft Box Trailers)


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Perdue farm skin 1.40

March 22, 2021

Perdue farm custom paintjob for jon ruda Peterbilt glider 389
Works only with 72 inches sleeper.


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Owner Operator Skins

February 27, 2021

I am not a skinner by any means. Just do this in my free time. Also noticed it wasn’t a lot of O/O skins around so I made a few. First ever upload, so don’t bash me to bad, lol. Enjoy.

Aaron G.

American truck simulator mods / Skins

Skin Vaccine Trailer Dry

February 19, 2021

Skin Pharma Vaccine Pfizer, Sputnik


American truck simulator mods / Skins

Blackout Viper by Renegade Skins for ATS version 1.39

Skin for Peterbilt 389 Viper2 Custom

Do not edit this mod or upload to other sites.

For custom skins visit

Renegade Skins

American truck simulator mods / Skins

UwU un mod desarollado por Manga y el Flako Martinez nwn
Requiere el Mod Operbus 1.39 de ShanekeGame
Posee las siguientes skins:

-Cocacola en 3 modelos
-Pepsi en 4 modelos
-Corona en 3 modelos
-Indido en 2 modelos
-Tecate en 2 modelos
-Pepe’s Cold Time
-Refrigerados Maverick
-Grupo Mexarik
-Pony de Malta
-Sabritas Mucha lucha

-Grupo Gondhi
-Corona Sucio
-Tres Guerras (Flako Martinez)
-Bimbo (Flako Martinez)
-Castores (Flako Martinez)
-Chedrahui (Flako Martinez)
-Coca 4 Variante (Flako Martinez)
-Coppel (Flako Martinez)
-Corona 4 Variante (Flako Martinez)
-Correos de Mexico (Flako Martinez)
-DHL (Flako Martinez)
-Elektra (Flako Martinez)
-Militar (Flako Martinez)
-Aldafa (Flako Martinez)
-Trupper (Flako Martinez)
-Hotwheels (Flako Martinez)

Si te gusta lo que hago no olvides seguirme en mi canal de YT owo!!!

y tambien si gustas puedes donar por mercado pago owo!!!
(ingresa en enviar dinero y escribe el siguiente correo uwu, despues marca la cantiada a enviar y elige un metodo de pago nwn!!)

[email protected]

Flako Martinez

American truck simulator mods / Skins

truck skin for kenworth k200 of gunn transport


American truck simulator mods / Skins

2019 SCS Cascadia The Grinch

December 18, 2020

Just in time for Christmas comes the grinch. The new SCS Cascadia outfitted in green in tribute to the lovable but cantankerous Grinch.
Available on all cabs.

DG Transport

American truck simulator mods / Skins