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What truck is complete without a trailer, right? Most of the time, when you’re in-game in the ATS universe, you’re pulling a trailer, transporting cargo and carrying huge loads. The trailer and driving it from point A to B earn you money in the game and what is essentially the primary goal of American Truck Simulator. However, even though SCS Software (game developers) have put in a lot of attention towards making unique and detailed trailers, over time, the cargo transport gets repetitive, and you can see the same-looking trailers over and over again.
There is, of course, trailer customization but in reality, downloading ATS trailers mods is a much quicker and simpler way of customizing your in-game trailers and modifying gameplay experience.
By downloading free trailer mods for American Truck Simulator from Gamersmods, you can transport, even more, bigger, heavier or more challenging cargo. For example, you can download a dump trailer mod or a mod for a trailer in the ATS game that will make your truck look like the Road Trains of Australia. There’s nothing like that if you’re looking for even bigger challenges or more realism. Speaking of which, you can download trailers that resemble those, biggest companies are using in real-life. You can look like you’re delivering FedEx shipments or transporting goods for Walmart.
All mods are completely free and available for download. Don’t forget to rate the ATS trailer mod if you enjoyed it.

Van Stoughton Z-Plate Dryvan in ownership 1.43 Mod
– Autonomous
– Cable Support
– Advanced coupling
– 1 your skin + painting
– Loads scs

Chris, Has, Malcolm, Aaron, Ivan, Jon, Gidot

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

– Autonomous
– Is acquired in the property
– Cable support – Clutch
– Own wheels
– Brake lights
– High quality textures
– 18 cargoes

Smarty, Corby, 50keda

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Mass: 400 tons.
The jobs need DLC – Heavy Cargo Pack.

Connection order:
1.1 3 Truck Trafo. Choose one! (Optional. Adds pushing trucks)
2. Convoi Truck
3. Ballast Trailer (optional, for use with ballast tractor)
4. Mega Trafo.

Work on 1.41, 1.42

Ben Affhandy Blade1974 Roadhunter Jazzycat

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Oversize Convoi Industrial Cable Reel trailer

Update for 1.41, 1.42

– Mass: 260 tons.
– For work, you need DLC – Heavy Cargo Pack.

Ben Affhandy, Blade1974, Yasin28n, Roadhunter, Jazzycat, update Qtrial

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Makes SCS double and triple trailers owned trailers and freight market trailers available in all states, including any map DLCs.
Pick your preferred ownable trailer and take it anywhere you wish. Any trailer type can now be sent to any owned garage.
There may be some prefabs that are not suited to the larger configurations. Use with caution.

Head Switch

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Double Lowboys v2.0

November 6, 2021

Version 2.0
Made custom trailer definitions, so cargo weights are now the same as displayed in game (120,000 lb cargo will actually weigh about 120,000 lb).

Version 1.0
This mod expands on an idea from Sarchi, who was the first person I saw that made double lowboys like this. This mod adds double lowboy trailers (two full-length load decks), in 2+2 axle and 3+3 axle configurations. Buy it like a SCS triple lowboy. Supports all customizations that the SCS lowboys do. Cargo weight will be approx 2/3 what is displayed in game (120,000 lb cargo will actually weigh about 80,000 lb). Works in convoy.


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Ready for 1.42 game update. NOW TRAILER CAN BE PURCHASED

I took this trailer of Team 5Star a few years ago and have personally updated it since then, so this version has no relation to current mods of this trailer of other authors.
Not compatible with mods of this trailer of other authors.
Advance the game time a bit so you can see the cargoes in the freight market and cargo market.

General characteristics:
Over 40 hauler paintjobs/skins (15 exclusive made by me) of real NASCAR teams of 2011 season, including some of 2010 and 2014 seasons.
Trailer appears on freight market and also you can purchase for use on cargo market.
On freight market, trailer appears in companies with similar brand to the company (for example, Joey Logano with The Home Depot appears in Home Store companies).
On freight market, you can choose different paintjobs/skins of some teams once you are in the company and choose this cargo.
If you purchase this trailer in game, all paintjobs/skins will available for choose according to your level progress.
Trailer appears in traffic.

Detailed Features:
General 3D model size readjusted to same scale of trailers and trucks in game.
Observation top deck and AC compartment modeled in 3D.
Front stairs removed.
Improved 3D model in wheels compartment area.
Improved shadow 3D model.
Collision blocks size rescaled and located in better positions.
Cable connectors located in correct position.
Updated trailer braces and located in correct position.
Updated Kingpin.
Front warning decals added.
Reflective tapes added.
Reverse lights corrected.
Taillights and rear liftgate rubber stops located in correct position.
Updated orange lateral lights and located in correct position.


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

– Remember before disabling any mod, sell off all assets purchased while that mod was enabled. If you don’t, your profile will try to find things in vain, and it may become corrupt.
The GOOD NEWS is these stacked trailers integrate seamlessly with SCS’ Ownable Lowboys.
– Purchase stacked trailers from among the SCS Lowboys
– Purchase ONE specific trailer configuration (either ground-Coupled [SCS] or Stacked [EYT]). After ‘using’ it from Trailer Manager, Adjust Trailer (F7) to switch between Coupled and Stacked configurations. When you own one configuration, you automatically own its companions.
– A few customizations now survive through F7 ccle (I’m still working to make more survive). (Some customizations of the base game are disabled because they never survive F7 cycle.)
– Wheel/tire customizations still will NOT survive.
– Paint jobs survive.
– Bodies survive (Wood-Rail, Full Wood, Wood w/Alum)
– Some fenders and mudflaps survive (front & rear):
– (Front will not survive on configurations with JEEPS.)
– (Rear will not survive on configurations with SPREADERS.)
– Front bodies survive on configurations withOUT JEEPS.
– Bumpers with working reverse lights are available on configurations where they make sense. (e.g., trailers that use spreaders do not have reversing lights.)
– When you F7 from stacked to coupled, the coupled trailers automatically spawn with flags, strobes and a banner (‘OVERSIZE LOAD’ or ‘LONG LOAD’ – your choice).
– Cargoes that are long or oversized are labeled ( .. [LONG], .. [OS] ) to guide your trailer-configuration choice.
– Lowboy trailers have more descriptive names, and Trailer Manager is tweaked a bit to show those names.
– Stacked trailers accept all SCS base-game cargo, as well as Forest Machinery, Heavy, Volvo Const Eqp, and a few Oversize Cargoes IF you own the DLCs.
– Custom cargoes exist for ownable, freight-market, and traffic lowboys, and many SCS cargoes are branded (e.g., CAT, Doosan, Hitachi).
– Several custom cargoes exist among parked vehicles.
– Be aware cargo selection does not persist through F7 of trailer, so remember what cargo you’ve chosen if that’s important to you.
– Best times to adjust are . . .
1) Before dismissing, adjust to Stacked for damage-free spawning when you use it again.
2) Before triggering the job-choice icon at the cargo’s origin, adjust to Coupled. (After you trigger that icon, you can no longer adjust a trailer’s configuration. Cargo will load, but it will sure look funny!)

Now the bad news:
– The 3D modeler I use (ZModeler) isn’t compatible with SCS’ new lighting system, so all the flashy reflective tape on SCS’ trailers doesn’t exist on the stacked configurations. (NOTE: since I originally wrote this mod, I learned how to accommodate SCS’ new lighting system in ZModeler; however I’m loathe to redo all the models anytime soon if ever.)

known issues:
– missing tiedowns

Eddie Yantz

American truck simulator mods / Trailers