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What truck is complete without a trailer, right? Most of the time, when you’re in-game in the ATS universe, you’re pulling a trailer, transporting cargo and carrying huge loads. The trailer and driving it from point A to B earn you money in the game and what is essentially the primary goal of American Truck Simulator. However, even though SCS Software (game developers) have put in a lot of attention towards making unique and detailed trailers, over time, the cargo transport gets repetitive, and you can see the same-looking trailers over and over again.
There is, of course, trailer customization but in reality, downloading ATS trailers mods is a much quicker and simpler way of customizing your in-game trailers and modifying gameplay experience.
By downloading free trailer mods for American Truck Simulator from Gamersmods, you can transport, even more, bigger, heavier or more challenging cargo. For example, you can download a dump trailer mod or a mod for a trailer in the ATS game that will make your truck look like the Road Trains of Australia. There’s nothing like that if you’re looking for even bigger challenges or more realism. Speaking of which, you can download trailers that resemble those, biggest companies are using in real-life. You can look like you’re delivering FedEx shipments or transporting goods for Walmart.
All mods are completely free and available for download. Don’t forget to rate the ATS trailer mod if you enjoyed it.

More Cargo for Lowboy 1.49

November 12, 2023

Support for 1.49 patch (Also compatible with 1.48.x.x)

Custom cargoes exist for ownable, freight-market, traffic, and parked lowboys; traffic and parked trailers for custom cargoes have Vanilla/Red paint. Many SCS cargoes are branded (e.g., CAT, Doosan, Hitachi).

Search terms:
= WIDE – cargo is wider than trailer, but isn’t heavy (neither a jeep nor spreader is required).
= LONG – cargo is narrower than trailer, but its weight requires a jeep and/or spreader.
= OVERSIZE – cargo is wider than trailer, and its weight requires a jeep and/or spreader.

Works with Lowboy Pack

Eddie Yantz

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Wilson Pacesetter 1.48.x

November 9, 2023

Trailer Based on the Wilson brand, the mod contains several axle variations and contains the Pacessetter model and the Comander model. The mod is 100% personalized with each option containing 3 models, chrome, aluminum and paintable
Updated for 1.48.x


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Custom Reefer v1.1

November 9, 2023

Added toolboxes to the front and rear side.
Added mudguards
Changed the position of the rear lights
Changed the position of the rear axle

This mod adds a refrigerated trailer based on SCS trailers.
Here is my first mod that I’ve created separately. It is based on the SCS trailers, I reused many things from trucks and existing trailers in the game.

Many options will be added in the future. I hope you like it.
Works for version 1.48.x-1.49.x beta


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

A meticulously detailed frameless dump trailer with 6 chassis types and axle configurations, along with numerous selectable front end designs and custom parts.

6 chassis types with a number of axles configurations.
2 body types per chassis.
6 front-end designs can be individually chosen.
2 rear-end designs.
Highly detailed texturing including welds and readable labels.
26 custom load types, including overweight loads (get your permits out!).
A number of light options.
Available in Freight Market.
Baked AO textures.
Realistic Chrome and Ally materials.
Custom trailer leg sounds.
Free updates (there are plans to add lots more content to this trailer!)
Branded logos


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Standalone trailer
Purchased from a trailer dealer
Own skins
Selection of the number of axes
Assigned cargo
Cable support
Advanced coupling

Test on v1.48

Sib3rius, YankeeTrucker, Bora

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Alushi Trans International Transport
Austrian Logistics
Bathurst 1000 60th Anniversary
Camtrans Albury
Central Oregon Truck Company
Coastline Haulage Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
Colonial Freightlines
D.F. & D.L. Drain Transport North Queensland Australia
Drac Logistics
Hogan’s Heavy Haulage
It International Trans 06
Laucke Mills Skin 1
Laucke Mills Skin 2
Nestle Kit Kat
Nuriootpa Traders
O’Rileys Transport
Pepsi Max
Riverside Transport INC Kansas City USA
Tipping’s Transport
Westfield Miranda 1992 Diamond Era


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

3 Axle Nascar Hauler v1.5

November 9, 2023

Standalone trailer
– Multiple chassis
– Own cargo
– 5 skins
– Tuning
– Cable support

Test on v 1.48

Mark Brower

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Changes in v2.0:
Adapted to the latest game patch 1.48;
New customization options added;
Improved overall mod.

NitroModz Ownable Rackley – this modification adds a high quality 9 axles trailer model for ATS players. The Rackley 2.0 boasts significant upgrades to it’s predecessor. It includes better performance optimizations and several customization options.

Features NitroModz Ownable Rackley:
Standalone trailer;
Cable Support;
Advanced coupling;
The model has own wheels;
Working brake and reverse lights;
Detailed 3D model.

Tested on game version 1.48.x


American truck simulator mods / Trailers