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Probably the most important category of mods and the most significant item in the ATS game is, of course, the truck you drive. As standard, the developer SCS Software has included the Freightliner Cascadia, International LoneStar, Kenworth T680 and W900, the Mack Anthem, Peterbilt 389 and 579, Volvo VNL and Western Star 49X trucks. But there are much more memorable, exciting and cool trucks out there. More than the 9 that are available, at least. Even though the game developers add a new truck or two per year (on average) to the game, they are not adding a classic, European or other kinds of trucks that could be fun and interesting to drive on ATS.
Luckily, you can resort to Gamersmods American Truck Simulator Trucks mods library. We have a vast list of unique truck modifications. Beginning with Fords, Kenworths, classic Freightliners and many more, the truck mod category is filled with many unique vehicles that are fun and enjoyable to drive. You can download a modification for a classic truck for free and make it seem like you’re back in time or you can try and imitate the experience of a trucker in the 1950s’ when shifting gears manually was a much more significant part of the job than it is today.
You can click on the mod to see high-res pictures of it in-game and read the specifications to know more about that particular modification. Suppose you enjoy an ATS truck mod that you found on Gamersmods. In that case, it is always appreciated when you leave a five-star rating or a positive comment!


December 31, 2020

Kenworth k100 custom for American truck simulator
lots of accessories
updated to 1.39


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

The Peterbilt 352-362 Project is now updated to 1.39 and with tons of improvements and additions.

Additions include:
Addon for Kriechbaum Engine Pack 3.3
Addon for Rockeropasiempre’s POWER ENGINES pack 12.9
Addon for Sci Steering pack
Compatibility with SISL’s mega pack
Added dump, flatbed, logging, and tanker chassis from 3xx Heavy Truck Addon mod (original is required for loads and trailers)
NEW Heavy haul chassis and Wrecker
Normal mapped textures
AO bakes everywhere
Fixed crashes and improved many many things over the original
THE TRUCK IS SKINNABLE and includes skins

*Skinning template is a separate download from main truck*

Download only available on the SCS forums on MEGA and GOOGLE DRIVE

Current Version: 3.139.1

GeoffOhare, Lucasi, Frank_Peru

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Freightliner Cascadia 2020 – the first truck tractor produced by DigitalTrucksMX is here for ATS players. The Freightliner Cascadia has become one of the most popular and used tractor units in recent years, not only in Mexican territory, but also in the United States.

Features Freightliner Cascadia 2020:
– independent truck model
– High quality 3D model
– High quality detailed exterior
– Low quality interior
– High quality rims & 3D tires
– High quality mirrors reflection
– Correct exhaust smoke position
– Correct plate license position
– the model has own wheels
– the model has own sound
– the model has own interior
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– animation parts on interior
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– the choice of wheels configuration
– the choice of color body / metallic paint / skins
– the choice of transmission, gearbox
– the choice of power engine
– correct position of the Freightliner logo
– The correct position of the player
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
– Tuning and accesories present
– customization from: grills, fascias, skirts, handles and more
– Cables trailer support
– Supports all major functions of the game
– buy from Freightliner mod dealer

Tested on game version 1.39.x

DigitalTrucksMX, Kevin Skinny, Seeya, MaGo

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Kenworth K104B v1.2 [1.39.x]

December 24, 2020

Australian Kenworth-K104B for ATS 1.39.x

Adapted for patch 1.39.x
– Openable windows
– Reworked sound for 1.39 patch
– Reworked exhaust
– Updated Cabin toys
– Fixed left mirror look and much more

Note: I will not be developing this mod further. So the modders who want to do this and update this mod then go on and modify it further.

RJS, Tony AJB, Kriechbaum, TSA, Robinicus (for some sounds); 1.39 update by vasja555

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Changelog V1.3:
-added support for Cabin Accessories DLC
-added TomTom GO Professional 6250 GPS in 2 positions
-improved normals and UVs on SB hood
-increased kerb weight for first 2 axles and moved trailer cables on 8xX chassis
-made grill see-through
-minor interior details
->new steering wheel based on Cascadia one
->changed some textures with higher res ones from Cascadia and upscaled some others
->improved gauge bezels, needles and dashboard cluster
->added details unique to base interior variant
->other minor stuff to make it more similar to Cascadia interior
-various fixes

Main features:
-SB hood
-8xX chassis
-details added to interior
-new interior options
-new bumpers with optional bullbar


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

My edit of the Alcoa Huge Rim Pack edited to work on both trucks AND trailers as well.

Alcoa, Jess Mods, RussianGuy, NoobMod

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Reanimation of Big Bob’s Kenworth W900L:
Adapted for 1.39 patch
– Reworked sound for Fmod and 1.39 patch
– Openable windows
– ATS Cabin Accessories compatible and much more.

Note: Since I’m quitting I will not be developing this mod further(nor other mods too so don’t ask). So the modders who want to do this and update this mod or any other mod that I reworked and updated then go on and modify them further.

Big Bob, odd_fellow, SISL, PIVA, Kriechbaum; bring it back from dead – vasja555

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

This mod is set up to use the following addons:
Kriechbaum Soundpack (make sure to use the adaption pack included)
Robinicus Soundpack
SCS Sounds
BigT Beacons (make sure to use the adaption pack included)
Boremen LED Lights (make sure to use the adaption pack included)
Robinicus has already added compatibility with this truck (thank ya sir!) so all you will need to do is install his mod. If you don’t plan on using his sounds, you can either add the Kriechbaum definitions and his soundpack or use the scs sounds. This truck utilizes the X15 series and DD series IRL so that is all it is set up for at the moment.

– Corby (Providing the 122SD next gen hood)
– Rig N Roll (original Coronado model)
– Mado (Providing support, Animations)
– Corey K. (Haulin’ edit, providing a ton of support and help, Animations)
– Dmitry68, Nekit73rus, Stas556 (Converting Corey’s Coronado to ATS)
– Willie M. (Providing midroof cab)
– BSA, Viper2, Hute, Cedric, Classick (Parts)
– Eduardo (Added his Headache Rack oversize load signs)
A special thanks to Jacob Martin for 2 of the skins included with this truck!

American truck simulator mods / Trucks