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April 17, 2021

Reanimation of Big Bob’s Kenworth W900L:
Adapted for 1.40 patch
– Reworked sound for Fmod and 1.40 patch
– Openable windows
– ATS Cabin Accessories compatible and much more.

Note: Since I’m quitting I will not be developing this mod further(nor other mods too so don’t ask). So the modders who want to do this and update this mod or any other mod that I reworked and updated then go on and modify them further.

Credits: SCS, Big Bob, odd_fellow, SISL, PIVA, Kriechbaum; bring it back from dead – vasja555.

1.40 fixed by Giovanni Battiston, textures
1.40A fixed by kenworth_john, light system adapted
1.40B fixed by kenworth_john, final edit for ATS 1.40

Updated Version 1.40 to Rev. B by Kenworth_John:
Worked very hard on the backlights, fighting with the new light system since ATS 1.40.
Low beam + high beam of LED lights adapted
Enabled little suspension for the cab’s
Added missing files to the package
Added missing shadow texture for the desktop view (UI)
Updated, fixed the mirrors and front mirrors
Updated the glass textures when viewed from inside cabin (correct reflections from outside)
Fixed reflections (missing files)
Fixed paintjobs (missing and corrupted files)

The Pinga Rack w the new cables is very difficult to reach:
View the truck model from the right side, sliding the view from the back to the cabin. The access point is visible for one short moment.

Tested w/all SCS DLC, ProMods Canada 1.0.1, Team Reforma 2.1.4, different ownable trailers.
No crashes at all! Not tested w/VR.


Big Bob, odd_fellow, SISL, PIVA, Kriechbaum; bring it back from dead – vasja555

fixing: Giovanni Battiston, kenworth_john