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November 6, 2021

Ready for 1.42 game update. NOW TRAILER CAN BE PURCHASED

I took this trailer of Team 5Star a few years ago and have personally updated it since then, so this version has no relation to current mods of this trailer of other authors.
Not compatible with mods of this trailer of other authors.
Advance the game time a bit so you can see the cargoes in the freight market and cargo market.

General characteristics:
Over 40 hauler paintjobs/skins (15 exclusive made by me) of real NASCAR teams of 2011 season, including some of 2010 and 2014 seasons.
Trailer appears on freight market and also you can purchase for use on cargo market.
On freight market, trailer appears in companies with similar brand to the company (for example, Joey Logano with The Home Depot appears in Home Store companies).
On freight market, you can choose different paintjobs/skins of some teams once you are in the company and choose this cargo.
If you purchase this trailer in game, all paintjobs/skins will available for choose according to your level progress.
Trailer appears in traffic.

Detailed Features:
General 3D model size readjusted to same scale of trailers and trucks in game.
Observation top deck and AC compartment modeled in 3D.
Front stairs removed.
Improved 3D model in wheels compartment area.
Improved shadow 3D model.
Collision blocks size rescaled and located in better positions.
Cable connectors located in correct position.
Updated trailer braces and located in correct position.
Updated Kingpin.
Front warning decals added.
Reflective tapes added.
Reverse lights corrected.
Taillights and rear liftgate rubber stops located in correct position.
Updated orange lateral lights and located in correct position.