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Jack Daniel’s Skin for the Volvo VNL 860 (740, 760) by galimim
(based on original Skin by “stewowe”)


– adopted to v2.25
– tested on ATS v1.38.1.x
– corrected some spelling mistakes and code sorted
– price adjusted to the values of the standard colors

stewowe, skdubg

American truck simulator mods / Skins
the lode king distinction updated to 1 38 ownable 3 CDX19

This Mod adds the Lodeking Hoper Tandem trailer.

– Standalone: Yes
– Multilanguage: No
– Axles: 2 Axles
– Advance Coupling: Yes
– Landing Gear Animation: Yes
– Collisions: Yes
– Color Selection : No
– Loads: 2

jekich1, Habdorn, KeithD

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Realistic Traffic 6.2 For American Truck Simulator 1.38.XX

Mod update.

Please, do not upload the mod to another server, respect the author’s original link.


– Complete mod instructions in Spanish, English, German, Russian and Polish.
– Compatible with Cip sound modifications: Pure Sounds! ATS Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds Universe
– Compatible with Drive Safely (Sound Fixes Pack) modifications.
– If you use Sound Fixes Pack, you have to put Sound Fixes Pack on top of this mod.
– Place this mod on top of maps or AI traffic mods.
– The mod, contains the base game traffic + added traffic.
– Compatible with all maps and all dlc’s in the game.
– Compatible with all AI traffic packs-mods.

Changes in V 6.2:

– Added Talbolt Horizon vehicle.
– Removed the file traffic vehicle type.
– Minor fixes.
– Compatibility with Pure Sounds! Cip’s ATS Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds Universe.
– Compatibility with Sound Fixed Pack of Drive Safely.

You can find the Cip and DriveSafely modifications on the Official SCS page.

– Complete list of AI Vehicles added to mod:

Audi A6, Bmw 5, Bmw e66, Bus Opalin, Citroen C3,
Citroen C4, Citroen Gs, Citroen Sm, Citroen 2Cv,
Citroen Zx, Dacia 1300, Fiat Panda, Fiat Regata Mare,
Ford Crown Victoria Taxi, Ford Escort, Ford Fiesta,
Mazda CX3, Opel Astra, Quad Kvadro, Renault Clio,
Renault Scenic, Renault Megane, Renault 9, Renault 11,
Renault 18, Talbot Horizon, Taxi Ford Crown Victoria,
Toyota Land Cruiser, Tractor, Volkswagen Beetle 63,
Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Transporter,
Volvo XC70 with Police Skin,
Volvo XC70, Volvo XC90, Yamaha Wolverine X2.

Mitsubishi Fuso (3 different Chassis)

Busscar Panoramico dd 6×2 (6 Skins), Marco Polo Paradiso G6 1800 6×2 (10 Skins),
Marco Polo 1800 8×4 (17 Skins), Ikarus 255 (12 Skins), Temsa Opalín (50 Skins).

File weight: 462.8 Mb.

Credits. Sounds: Cipinho, kriechbaum, Drive Safely.
Models: Scs, AlexGold, Jazzycat, pete379jp.
Testers: Cupido, Alejandro R35.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Sounds: Cipinho, kriechbaum, Drive Safely.
Models: Scs, AlexGold, Jazzycat, pete379jp.
Testers: Cupido, Alejandro R35.
Author: Rockeropasiempre

American truck simulator mods / Traffic
montana expansion 0 7 8 2 6W22

v0.7.8 –
Bozeman area started, no more wide open area of dirt –
Williston non-essential roads removed from UI map –
Peterbilt dealer in Williston temporarily removed –
Athens company temporarily removed –
Hill north of Helena, east of Great Falls and east of Lewistown adjusted –
kdop volume error fixed –
missing model variant errors fixed –
too much to list here –
Montana Assets back, unzip when downloaded and place above Montana Expansion –


American truck simulator mods / Maps
nt1 11Z9D

The NUVAN Curtain trailer by OveRTRucK updated to 1.38 ownable. Enjoy!


American truck simulator mods / Trailers
the manac chipvan ownable 1 38 3 0375

Ownable Manac ChipVan [1.38.x]

September 8, 2020

We have a new trailer for you:
The Manac ChipVan Ownable 1.38
bansheewoj – Original model, textures and lightmask
KeithD – Converting trailer to ATS, cargos, textures,
mod file setup and packaging
B4RT – Tarp model
Beta Testers:
Darren Hilton
Thomas Parham Jr
Tim Sanderson
Tracy Pennock
A special thanx to these real life truckers for their testing and recommendations:
Kerwayne Smith
Nate Watkins
Willie Martin II

Darren Hilton, Thomas Parham Jr, Tim Sanderson, Tracy Pennock, Kerwayne Smith, Nate Watkins, Willie Martin II

American truck simulator mods / Trailers
the compressed natural gas cng trailer 3 6QE82

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Trailer by the Amazing Habdorn updated to 1.38 Ownable. Enjoy!

Amazing Habdorn

American truck simulator mods / Trailers
the lowbed xl mde 3 0322

Lowbed XL MDE [1.38.x]

September 8, 2020

The Lowbed XL MDE by the Amazing Habdorn, updated to 1.38 Ownable. Enjoy!

Amazing Habdorn

American truck simulator mods / Trailers