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A new game has hit the gaming market called American Truck Simulator Mods. Since the creators of this game offer a high-quality graphic game, with more than 100 different maps, everyone believes it will be a success.

Are you looking for American Truck Sim mods? Then your request comes to the right place! Download free American Truck Simulator map 3.2.3 mods absolutely for free and enjoy playing the game. Being one of the best truck simulator games for PC, it deserves to be unique and new all the time. Time is precious that’s why we constantly work on improving your gaming experience with latest American truck simulator mods download. Take a look at the best selection of ATS mods / American Truck Simulator Mods list kept up to date on our website! With time all things become obsolete, but good modding work stays forever!

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Nfsu2 Bonus Cars:
✓ – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Viii

Nfsmw Standard Cars:
✓ – Lexus Is300
✓ – Vw Golf Gti
✓ – Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt
✓ – Toyota Supra
✓ – Ford Mustang Gt
✓ – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Viii

Nfsmw Bonus Cars:
✓ – Bmw E46 M3 ” Standard ”
✓ – Bmw E46 M3 Gtr ” Standard ”
✓ – Toyota Supra ” Tuned ”
✓ – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Viii

Nfsmw Blacklist Cars:
✓ – Vw Golf Gti ” #15 Sonny ”
✓ – Lexus Is300 ” #14 Taz ”
✓ – Toyota Supra ” #13 Vic ”
✓ – Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt ” #11 Big Lou ”
✓ – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Viii ” #9 Earl ”
✓ – Ford Mustang Gt ” #8 Jewels ”
✓ – Ford Mustang Gt ” #1 Razor ”
✓ – Bmw M3 Gtr Dtm ” #0 Legend ”

✓ – All 80 Need For Speed:Most Wanted Colors Was Converted
✓ – Vehicles Pack Was Also Adapted For : Opengl Users, No More Black Cars On The Roads
✓ – Total Vehicles In Nfs Traffic Pack V1.0.0 : 16


American truck simulator mods / Traffic


– Fixed sound
– Reconfigured headlights
– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured transmission (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured animation delays & timing
– Minor edits and fixes
– Added more paintjobs
– Added additional rims
– Removed unnecessary files

VakkoTeam, Nimit, LazKopuz, Wikipedia, Harven

American truck simulator mods / Cars

Pack adds in traffic vehicles for Mexican maps:
Volkswagen Amarok, Saveiro, Gol, Up, Polo
Renault Fluence, Captur
Peugeot 208, 508, 308
Toyota Hilux
Ford Ecosport
Chevrolet Tornado
Seat Ibiza
Nissan Tsuru
Mitsubishi L200
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, A-Class
Fiat Uno
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Suzuki SX4
trucks, trailers and buses with mexican skins.
All standalone.
Compatible with all my packs.
For versions 1.39.x
Some skins by Alex Valenmar, Samdeb, Pistianzer, DigitalBusMX, Landsky, Andres Melendrez, Pequeshiro, mexican_scientist.
For Mexican vehicles only on Mexican maps you must have in mod folder 2 files:
For Mexican vehicles everywhere only 1 file:

Version 2.2 – added Chevrolet Tornado and Volkswagen Polo


American truck simulator mods / Traffic

My edit of the Alcoa Huge Rim Pack edited to work on both trucks AND trailers as well.

Alcoa, Jess Mods, RussianGuy, NoobMod

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

With this mod, you can deliver oversized cargoes on Special Transport DLC’s own special routes without speed limits/escort vehicles!
– No escort/pilot cars.
– No speed limit.
– Oversized cargo jobs now have two options, with special routes and without special routes. (Check preview images for detailed info)
– Steam Achievements support. (Only on special routes)
* In order to get oversized cargo jobs that do not have special routes, you need to advance the time by sleeping several times in the game after installing the mod.
Notice: This mod doesn’t work without Special Transport DLC. You must have installed and activated the DLC.
Update 1.3 is out. Changelog:
– Oversized cargo jobs now have two options, with special routes and without special routes.

Frkn64 Modding

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Reanimation of Big Bob’s Kenworth W900L:
Adapted for 1.39 patch
– Reworked sound for Fmod and 1.39 patch
– Openable windows
– ATS Cabin Accessories compatible and much more.

Note: Since I’m quitting I will not be developing this mod further(nor other mods too so don’t ask). So the modders who want to do this and update this mod or any other mod that I reworked and updated then go on and modify them further.

Big Bob, odd_fellow, SISL, PIVA, Kriechbaum; bring it back from dead – vasja555

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

This mod is set up to use the following addons:
Kriechbaum Soundpack (make sure to use the adaption pack included)
Robinicus Soundpack
SCS Sounds
BigT Beacons (make sure to use the adaption pack included)
Boremen LED Lights (make sure to use the adaption pack included)
Robinicus has already added compatibility with this truck (thank ya sir!) so all you will need to do is install his mod. If you don’t plan on using his sounds, you can either add the Kriechbaum definitions and his soundpack or use the scs sounds. This truck utilizes the X15 series and DD series IRL so that is all it is set up for at the moment.

– Corby (Providing the 122SD next gen hood)
– Rig N Roll (original Coronado model)
– Mado (Providing support, Animations)
– Corey K. (Haulin’ edit, providing a ton of support and help, Animations)
– Dmitry68, Nekit73rus, Stas556 (Converting Corey’s Coronado to ATS)
– Willie M. (Providing midroof cab)
– BSA, Viper2, Hute, Cedric, Classick (Parts)
– Eduardo (Added his Headache Rack oversize load signs)
A special thanks to Jacob Martin for 2 of the skins included with this truck!

American truck simulator mods / Trucks


December 20, 2020

The pinga mod for the mac trailer is here its fixed.
Tested on 1.39.x version


American truck simulator mods / Trailers