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As one of the most popular simulators in the world, ATS has millions of active players. A vast and detailed map that is being constantly expanded by the developer SCS makes this game a modders paradise. This is why you have a such a broad range of American Truck Simulator mods available. We gathered the best ATS truck, map, tuning, sound, traffic, american truck simulator map and many other mods in one place. Here at, you can find exclusive and highly rated ATS mods made by the world’s top modders.
Every mod on here is free, so you can easily personalize the gaming experience for free. Fancy driving a Freightliner truck from the ’80s which wasn’t included in the game? Or maybe you want a bigger map, better sounding engines or more tuning and engine modification capabilities? Regardless of your wishes, it’s very likely that you can find the right ATS mod on our website.
Once you download the mod, place it in the /mod folder and load them from within the game. Also, make sure to load them in the proper order (if you use multiple mods) and check whether they’re compatible with the version of the game that you’re running. If you don’t do that and run incompatible mods, the game could crash or not work correctly. Sometimes the mod might not load altogether.
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1597434011 freightliner flc12064t 03 V48C2

Freightliner FLC12064T – this mod adds a high quality truck model, build with high details, own interior, sound and various accesories to customize the truck. Master piece provided by author XBS for ATS players.

Features truck Freightliner FLC12064T:
– independent truck model
– High quality detailed exterior
– High quality detailed interior
– the model has own interior
– the model has own wheels
– the model has own sound
– passanger seat
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– the choice of interiors (4 types)
– the choice of cabins (3 types)
– the choice of chassis
– the choice of engine power (4 types)
– the choice of transmission and gearbox
– the choice of wheels configuration
– choice of color body / metallic paint / skins
– correct position of the Freightliner logo
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
– working lights
– The correct position of the player
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories
– Many tuning and accessories
– Cables trailer support
– Supports all major functions of the game
– buy in Kenworth or Acces Mod dealer

Changes in v1.0.1:
– Fixed: Hitch collision
– Fixed: day cab window model
– Fixed: Steering column wires (when raising the steering wheel, they passed through the dashboard)
– Fixed: roof deflector for installing cab lights
– Added: 265 inch chassis

Tested on game version 1.38.x


American truck simulator mods / Trucks
naturalux ets2 for ats 1 38 0 4601Q

NaturaLux – is a weather and graphics mod, bringing the visuals of the game engine to a new level. This mos is a conversion from ETS2 to ATS. Also ,,Sky Fix” is provided in the archive.

Features mod NaturaLux:
– More than 250 sky textures in a resolution from 8 to 16K in order for the sky to be clear and not blurry or pixelated;
– Each sky texture comes with an individual realistic image, which is currently possible within the game limits;
– Improved and realistic cloud shadows;
– Realistic images of the sun (including non-standard highlights);
– Improved skybox model (seamless textures);
– Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (the sun no longer shines through the clouds);
– Improved visual effects in rainy weather (new streaks of rain, no bright sun in the cloudy sky, fog, rainbow, changes in rain intensity);
– Realistic and soft color settings;
– New sound effects (rain and thunder);
– Some improved ground textures;
– More realistic visuals;
– Improved particles;
– Improved and more realistic night;
– Realistic images of the moon;
– New loading screens.

Tested on game version 1.38.x

GerScaniaTrucker, Bidolot

American truck simulator mods / Others
Untitle111d 1 CF05W 1

How to add Mod :
Documents\American Truck Simulator
Click R in game And then you will find Radios
Version :
1.37.X 1.38.X
Syria Stations 1.2
01 – Syria – Mix FM SR1
02 – Syria – Sham FM SR1
03 – Syria – Al Madina FM SR1
04 – Syria – Ninar FM SR1
05 – Syria – Farah FM SR1
06 – Syria – Alghad SR1
07 – Syria – Sada SR1
08 – Syria – Fuse FM SR1
09 – Syria – Masjid Umar SR1
10 – Syria – ONE FM SR1
11 – Syria – ONE FM MIX SR1
12 – Syria – ONE FM Classic SR1
13 – Syria – kurdmix SR1
14 – Syria – Assyrian SR1
15 – Syria – Sedra SR1
16 – Syria – Melody FM SR1
17 – Syria – Damascus SR1
18 – Syria – Rayan FM SR1
19 – Syria – Version FM SR1
20 – Syria – Alkul SR1
21 – Syria – Alasemeh SR1
22 – Syria – ARTA FM SR1
23 – Syria – WatanFM SR1
24 – Syria – ROZANA SR1
25 – Syria – Zenobia FM SR1
26 – Syria – Foreign FM SR1

Facebook :

Discord :

Info :

Pics By Mohskinner

Photoshop cc 2019

Project Arab Stations

American truck simulator mods / Sounds
sport cars traffic pack ats by trafficmaniac v6 8 3 8CW24

Pack adds in traffic 180 sport and super cars:

AC 378 GT Zagato
Acura NSX(’05, ’17), Integra, RSX
Alfa Romeo 4C, 8C Competizione
Arash AF10
Ascari A10, KZ1
Aston Martin One 77, DB9 Volante, Rapide, Vulcan, Vantage (’98, ’18), Virage, Vanquish ’01, DB7 Zagato
Audi R8(’10, ’19), TT(’04, ’09, ’16)
Bentley Continental Supersport
BMW i8, Z3(E36/8), Z4(E86, E89, G29), Z8, 8(G14)
Bugatti Veyron, Chiron, EB110, Divo
Chevrolet Corvette ’14
Chrysler Crossfire
Devon GTX
Dodge Stealth, Viper ’03
Donkervoort D8 GTO
Falcon F7
Ferrari LaFerrari, 612 Scaglietti, GTC4Lusso, California, F40, F50, Enzo, 360 Modena, 458 Italia, F430, F355, FF, 599 GTO, 812 Superfast, 488 Pista, F12berlinetta
Ford GT(’06, ’17)
Ginetta F400
GTA Spano
Gumpert Apollo N
Hennessey Venom GT
Honda S2000, CR-X Del Sol, CR-X ’91, Prelude
HTT Plethore LC-750
Hyundai Tiburon, Genesis Coupe(’10, ’13)
Icona Vulcano
Italdesign Zerouno
Jaguar XJ220, F-Type, XK(’02, ’10)
Kepler Motion
Koenigsegg One:1, Regera, CC8S
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, Diablo, Veneno, Aventador, Centenario, Murcielago, Reventon, Countach
Lexus LFA, SC430, LC500
Lotus Exige S Roadster, Evora, Elise(’99, ’05), Exige ’06, Espirit ’02
Lucra L148
Maserati Gransport, GranTurismo, MC12, Spyder
Mazda RX-7, RX-8, MX-5(’94, ’07)
Mazzanti Evantra
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT, SLK(R171, R172), SL(R230, R231), SLR McLaren Roadster, AMG GTR, CLK63 AMG, 190 Evo II
McLaren 570S, P1, 720S, F1, 12C, 675LT
Mitsubishi Eclipse, Starion, 3000GT
Morgan Aero SuperSports
Mosler MT900
Nio EP9
Nissan GT-R, 370Z
Noble M600, M12
Pagani Huayra, Zonda
Panoz Esperante
Pininfarina Battista
Pontiac GTO, Solstice, Firebird ’02
Porsche 911(997), 718 Boxster, Carrera GT, Cayman(981), 959, 944
Rezvani Beast Alpha
Rimac Concept One, C Two
Rossion Q1
Saleen S7
Saturn Sky
Savage Rivale Roadyacht
Sbarro Alcador
Scion FR-S
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003
Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca
Spyker C8 Aileron, C12 Zagato
SSC Ultimate Aero
Toyota Celica(’92, ’94, ’03), Supra(’92, ’98, ’19), MR2(’89, ’95, Spyder)
TVR Sagaris, Tuscan, Typhon
Ultima GTR
Vencer Sarthe
W Motors Fenyr Supersport, Lykan Hypersport
Wiesmann MF3
Zenvo ST1

All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.38.x
Included two versions: for use only with default traffic and for use with Jazzycats AI pack.
You must have in mod folder two files:
sport_cars_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac_v6.8_ats_def.scs (only with default traffic)
sport_cars_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac_v6.8_ats_jaz.scs (with Jazzycats AI pack)
If you want to have many sport cars everywhere use only one file:

Version 6.8 – added Lexus LC 500 and Ferrari F355


American truck simulator mods / Traffic
1515771847 4 RAVX3

Features mod Frosty Winter Weather Mod:
– Winter weather and environment
– Snow/Sleet instead of rain
– More sky textures
– Frosty road textures
– Winter daylight hours and temperatures
– Random cloudy, misty and sunny weather
– HDR bloom reduced

Changes in v2.9:
– Updated for 1.38
– Snowier roads, vegetation and terrain
– Weather improvements
– No Foggy Weather addon
– Other fixes and improvements

Optional Addons (Place Above Frosty):
Heavy Winter Addon v2.9
(Adds snowy roads and landscape)
Physics Addon v2.9
(Makes the roads a little more slippery)
No Foggy Weather Addon v2.9
(No foggy weather except mornings)
Darker Night Skies
(Can be used with any of my ETS2 & ATS season mods)

Frosty is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled. Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
HDR: Enabled
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High


American truck simulator mods / Others
daf lf ats 1 35 1 37 1 9Q0V4

Find in DAF (modification salon)
Own wheels
1 cabin
1 chassis
Works in 1.37 and 1.38 but with different sounds
Compatible with invisible cargo for vans and BDF

Link 1 Truck:


Link 2 Invisible Cargo for Vans and BDF:


American truck simulator mods / Trucks
New Gear Brake Compressed Air V3VAW

Amplified sounds of air brakes and gearshift.

Sonidos amplificados de los frenos de aire y cambio de velocidades.


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning
ats 20200818 161509 00 E1 06D7C

Black Painted Parts For Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack (V1.1)


** UPDATE – V1.1 (2020-08-14)

Black texture path corrected.

Edited the following parts to work also on Freightliner FLC by XBS:
– Special Transport Accessories+Caterpillar skins made by SirBlackyAlot
– – Heavy bumpers
– Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack made by pete379jp
– – Front bumpers


This mod makes changes ONLY to the parts from:
– Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack made by pete379jp

Replaced the following chrome parts with truck base paint:
– Front bumpers
– Headlight fender guards

Replaced the following chrome parts with black paint:
– Exhaust pipes
– Mirrors
– Sun visors



Edited the following parts to work also on Kenworth W900 by SCS:

Special Transport Accessories+Caterpillar skins made by SirBlackyAlot
– Heavy bumpers

Edited the following parts to work also on Kenworth W900B by GTM:

Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack made by pete379jp
– Exhaust pipes (For Duty Cabin)
– Front bumpers
– Mirrors
– Sun visors

Edited the following parts to work also on Freightliner FLC by XBS:

Special Transport Accessories+Caterpillar skins made by SirBlackyAlot
– Heavy bumpers

Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack made by pete379jp
– Front bumpers

* You should have the original mods, activated, and placed below this edit mod.


KCR 58 (Game)

ATS Mods:

ETS2 Mods:

Game Shots:

Game Videos:


Tested in ATS V1.38

V1.1 (2020-08-14)

Black texture path corrected.

Edited the following parts to work also on Freightliner FLC by XBS:
– Special Transport Accessories+Caterpillar skins made by SirBlackyAlot
– – Heavy bumpers
– Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack made by pete379jp
– – Front bumpers

V1.0 (2020-06-22)

Original release

KCR 58 (Game)

American truck simulator mods / Trucks