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A new game has hit the gaming market called American Truck Simulator Mods. Since the creators of this game offer a high-quality graphic game, with more than 100 different maps, everyone believes it will be a success.

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December 31, 2020

Kenworth k100 custom for American truck simulator
lots of accessories
updated to 1.39


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Manac Steel Flatbed by Corby

Export from Z3D – guidot
Import to ATS – guidot
Textures – Corby
Texture application – guidot
Texture fine tuning – guidot
AO Bake – guidot
Texturing Generator – guidot
Ownable – guidot

Included below is the original readme included with the model.

Corby – The whole thing The SAF axle cap is also mine
Steve aka EVH5150 – 3D leds
Ventyres – Tires, nuts, part of the axle cap
Peterbilt5379 – 5 hole rim
SCS – Loads(from ET2/ATS)
Javad Sharifi – Generator
Daramin3D – cable reels
Deven W. – Steel loads

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Changelog v2.6
• Fixed frame issue with 330 flatbed
• Fixed hook location on transfer dump dolly
• Small changes to the dump chassis’s and trailers
• Changes to the log chassis and trailer to be more prototypical.

guidot (Half Fast Gaming)
Overfloater: Battery box
Wolfi: Log headache rack
Harven, Zetor: Logs, log bunks, reflective stripes

American truck simulator mods / Packs

Slightly changed the background of the navigator from Alexey P.
In the archive, the navigator itself and three substrates that change the view of the map.In the mod manager, put the substrate above the navigator itself.
p.s. Sorry for my English…

AlexeyP, changed the look of KasiusJP

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Changelog v0.9.8
lots of signs added –
new welcome sign –
started adding custom billboards –
truck stop on east side of Billings seen a lot of work –
too much to go on with here –
as far as the billboards go, the Billings Peterbilt is not there IRL, I was messing around and I like it so..
The Springhill Suites sign is IRL – just as an example of what I am doing –


American truck simulator mods / Maps


– Fixed sound
– Reconfigured headlights
– Reconfigured engines (improved realism)
– Reconfigured transmission (improved realism)
– Reconfigured chassis (improved realism)
– Reconfigured animation timing & delay
– Addition of 7-speed DSG
– Addition of Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) chassis
– New license plate
– Minor edits and fixes
– Removed unnecessary files

VakkoTeam, Nimit, LazKopuz, Wikipedia, Harven

American truck simulator mods / Cars

Custom LEDs For Sidelights / Rooflights / Filters for American truck simulator
Marker lights
For v1.39


American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Benson Dumb – this mod adds a high quality trailer model from Benson brand with 4k textures for ATS players.

Features Benson Dumb Trailer:
– 4K textures
– 3 trailer body types
– big file size
– paintable chassis
– 3 cargo types; coal, gravel & limestone.
– Support for cables;
– working brake lights;
– detailed model.

Changes in v1.1:
– Added more companies for receiving and sending cargo: it was 4, it became 15

Tested on game version 1.39.x


American truck simulator mods / Trailers