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The Godfather’s TSA Drop Deck Trailer Skins Pack v1.3

February 27, 2022

The Godfather has Updated this Pack To 46 Skins for C.A.M’s TSA Drop Deck B Double’s & Road Trains for ATS and works with 1.43 of the game and holds all Rights to the skins in this pack if any of the skins are used in your Livestreams or Uploaded video u must give me Credit when using in your stream plus in your description thanks..

C.A.M’s TSA Drop Deck Trailer is owned by the Person who bulit the Trailer and holds all rights to this Icon Masterpiece Of Australian Pride..

The List of Skins in this pack are listed below with (New) Next to them that have been added to this v1.3 Update & (Updated) with ones that have got a update to them

* AirRoad (New)
* Arnott’s Shapes (New)
* BagTrans (New)
* Bartrams Road Transport (New)
* Capital Transport
* Caterpiller (New)
* Coke Cola Can’t Beat The Real Thing Slogan 1992
* Coke Cola Skin 2 (New)
* David Jones
* DHL (New)
* Dominos Pizza
* Doublemint
* Fanta (New)
* Freight Assist National Transport & Logistics (New)
* Great Northern Brewing Co
* J.K & C.L Nitschke Bulk Transport (New)
* Jack Daniels
* Jelly Belly
* Jim Beam
* Juicy Fruit
* Kellogg’s Coco Pops
* Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
* Kellogg’s Froot Loops (Updated)
* Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
* Kent Removalist
* Kmart/Khub Australia & New Zealand
* Kraft Singles
* Lee’s Transport (New)
* Lindsay Fresh Logistics (New)
* MnM’s
* Mars Bar
* Mountain Dew
* Pepsi (New)
* Pizza Haven
* Pizza Hut
* Red Bull
* Rod Pilon Transport (New)
* Ron Finemore Transport (New)
* Star Track Courier (New)
* Tandy Electronics (Updated)
* Target Australia
* The Good Guys Australia
* Vegemite
* Woolworths (Updated)
* XXX Gold (New)

Hubba Bubba Skin has been removed on this update

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