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[ATS] No Damage [1.38.x]

September 25, 2020

Are you tired too of repairing your truck?
No worry! With this mod your truck will not get damaged anymore!

Funny tip: If your console is enabled, press 0 then F9 in the ai traffic and you’ll just fly around the map like crazy, you won’t get damaged doe.

Vinnie Terranova

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Realistic Brutal Weather – This weather mod greatly improves fog, rain and thunder sounds. It turns out very atmospheric and beautiful. The player of the ATS simulator will be pleasantly surprised by the new displays of the water surface of rivers, lakes and bays, the texture of the road surface, the sky, the sounds of the wind, the sound of thunder, as well as the singing of birds and the voices of animals.

Features mod Realistic Brutal Weather:
– Enhanced Weather And Graphics
– Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.36.x
– Compatible To Work With Majority Of Maps
– Realistic Thunder Sounds.
– Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck.
– Realistic Rain Drops And Windshield Effects.
– Realistic Rain
– Realistic Rain Effects
– Realistic Rain Sounds
– Realistic Rain Intensity (Light Rain To Heavy Rain)
– Realistic Fog Intensity (Mist To Heavy Fog)
– Realistic Water (E.g: Sea & Rivers, Lakes, Beach etc)
– Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)
– Several Different Types Of Weather
– Several Types Of Sunset
– Several Types Of Nights
– Several Types Of Evenings
– Several Types Of Dawn
– Realistic Cloud Shadows

Changes in v2.6:
– New Sun & Halo
– Added 17 New HQ Thunder Sounds
– More Climate Tweaks
– Corrected Some Skyboxes
– FOV Tweaks
– Improved Flares
– Some Other Minor Updates & Improvements

Important: Do not use with any other Weather type mods Disable them.

Tested on game version 1.38.x


American truck simulator | ATS mods / Other

This mod removes all flare textures from vehicle lights.(Excluding beacon lights)

* This mod also adds realistic reflection effects for vehicle lights.

Required Game Version


American truck simulator | ATS mods / Other

NaturaLux – is a weather and graphics mod, bringing the visuals of the game engine to a new level. This mos is a conversion from ETS2 to ATS. Also ,,Sky Fix” is provided in the archive.

Features mod NaturaLux:
– More than 250 sky textures in a resolution from 8 to 16K in order for the sky to be clear and not blurry or pixelated;
– Each sky texture comes with an individual realistic image, which is currently possible within the game limits;
– Improved and realistic cloud shadows;
– Realistic images of the sun (including non-standard highlights);
– Improved skybox model (seamless textures);
– Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (the sun no longer shines through the clouds);
– Improved visual effects in rainy weather (new streaks of rain, no bright sun in the cloudy sky, fog, rainbow, changes in rain intensity);
– Realistic and soft color settings;
– New sound effects (rain and thunder);
– Some improved ground textures;
– More realistic visuals;
– Improved particles;
– Improved and more realistic night;
– Realistic images of the moon;
– New loading screens.

Tested on game version 1.38.x

GerScaniaTrucker, Bidolot

American truck simulator | ATS mods / Other

Features mod Frosty Winter Weather Mod:
– Winter weather and environment
– Snow/Sleet instead of rain
– More sky textures
– Frosty road textures
– Winter daylight hours and temperatures
– Random cloudy, misty and sunny weather
– HDR bloom reduced

Changes in v2.9:
– Updated for 1.38
– Snowier roads, vegetation and terrain
– Weather improvements
– No Foggy Weather addon
– Other fixes and improvements

Optional Addons (Place Above Frosty):
Heavy Winter Addon v2.9
(Adds snowy roads and landscape)
Physics Addon v2.9
(Makes the roads a little more slippery)
No Foggy Weather Addon v2.9
(No foggy weather except mornings)
Darker Night Skies
(Can be used with any of my ETS2 & ATS season mods)

Frosty is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled. Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
HDR: Enabled
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High


American truck simulator | ATS mods / Other

Loading Screen, replaces most standard loading screens.
Replaced most screenshots.


American truck simulator | ATS mods / Other