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September 22, 2020

Placeable equipment shed / shelter
Today we are providing you with a placeable equipment hall / shelter.
I am particularly proud of it because someone has made it available to us who has been constantly busy with Blender in recent years and has never given up teaching himself modding himself!
He started with small things and changes to mods and gave others (including me!) Help and tips on how to do something or how to improve something.
And since I prefer buildings as mods to vehicles myself, it was of course an honor for me to build this hall into our map right away.
So a big thank you goes out to Micha.

Restricted release:
The hall may be built into cards directly. A request for approval is not required.
BUT: The hall may not be changed individually and uploaded again as an extra download!
If you make the hall to be placed in the items xml, then be fair and refer to the original download link

1. Placeable
2. Light switches on automatically at dusk / darkness and off again during daylight.

Giants Software
LS ZockerStube

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS

KUHN GMD 441 V1.0.0.0

September 21, 2020

Bonsoir à tous, voici pour vous la conditionneuse Kuhn GMD 441 (reskin de la new holland de base).

– Prix: 17000€
– Catégorie: Faucheuse
– Marque: Kuhn

Giants Software/AxelModding

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS

Ford TW 35 Black Edition for Farming simulator 19
3 Different rim choices across 2 tire types.
Power: 156
Maximum Speed: 40
Brand: Ford
Category: tractorsM

Farming with fluke, Mattjxs, epicpyda1k

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS

ZACCARIA ZAM200/8 V1.2.0.0

September 20, 2020

– New Speculars (Dirt and Wear)
– New Designs
– PTO Design and much more
– New Tires configurations and rims
– Fixed some various bugs

IronFarmer, STv-Modding, AgricultureGaming

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS


September 18, 2020

Welcome to West Newton Farm, This is a map based in Ayrshire, Scotland.

– Fixed some triggers
– Terrain Edits
– Fixed Some Objects
– Added clearer markings for sellpoints/triggers

This map is a real life area in Ayrshire, Scotland, which has been adapted to suit FS19

– This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features
– Custom made models based off of the real area
– Full season support with grazing
– Custom lighting with thicker clouds and bluer sky
– Animated objects
– Custom Grass Texure
– Custom Traffic
– Custom Distance Texture
– 4 Farms
– Two Grain Sellpoints, Biogas Plant, Dairy, Sawmill and Egg Sellpoints
– Over 110 Fields all of varied sizes
– Custom transport missions
– Field Contracts on most fields
– Real DEM based in ayrshire
– Snow Missions
– Manure System Compatible
– Custom Tree Textures
– I would also like to thank all the content creators who made first looks and helped test my map

I hope you all enjoy the map.

NM Modding

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS


September 18, 2020

More Light for your Farms

Corner Light 5m or 8m high
Wall Light 5m or 8m high
Floodlight with 1, 2, 3, or 4 Lightpanels
all with automatic or manuel control

Floodlights from 700 € to 1000 €
Walllights 500 €
Cornerlights 1000 €

– Selling Walllights fix
– Desc Version fix
– FR translation added

HoT Tools / SanAndreas

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS


September 18, 2020

Welcome to the Big Polish Farm!
Map 13 converted to 19.
Log clean.
Seasons are semi-compatible, the trees are not completely.

Model: csamassa
Texture: csamassa
Script: csamassa
Idea / Concept: csamassa
Testing: NegsK
Other: csamassa,Negsk

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS

KRPAN RD 1600 E V1.0.0.0

September 18, 2020

The KRPAN Front timber blade RD 1600 E, is perfect for loading Tree trunks or for piling.
Thanks to its size, even several Tree trunks can be gripped.

• For front loaders according to Euro norms
• Grille for a better field of vision
• Reinforced frame
• Profile plate for holding wood
• Double hydraulics for better stability and strength

Price: 3150$


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / ADDONS