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November 22, 2020

Another version of Vistula. The last of the regular updates.

Changelog v0.9:
-Added scythe animations
– Revised engine model
-Added a bagger
-Sacks have been added
-An animation has been added for turning on the combine
-Added lights
-Changed soiling of the combine
-New working and extinguishing sounds
– Improved grain animations in the throat.
-Removed the stand camera (Ability to change the position of the camera with the mouse)
-Added additions to the model (batteries, hoses etc.)
If you are translating description, cut this part off.

I was a bit overwhelmed by this project for the first mod and I would like to do it completely from scratch, but I don’t have the time and strength to do it. In general, I give my consent to everything in advance. In fact, I would even be glad if someone decided to take over this Vistula and develop it. Perhaps I will dig something else with her sometimes. When it comes to Mod Hub, I did not know that the requirements are so high. Someday this Vistula on MH will be. I don’t know when and I don’t even know if it’s by my hand. Thanks a lot to everyone who got involved in this project.

The Z018 / 0 (KZB 3B) self-propelled wheeled combine harvester is designed for harvesting and threshing cereals and rape. The Z020 / 0 (KZB 3R) combine can also be used for rice harvesting. These harvesters enable the entire mechanical harvesting of the above-mentioned plants.
Technical data:
Power: 65 KM, (kW)
Driving speed: 1.6 – 19.5 km / h
Capacity: 1750
Working width: 3.3 m
Working speed: 7km / h
-The forage harvester
-Air filter (factory / new)
-Tires (with / without / field tread)
-Tilt (covered / not)
-Color of the combine
-Color of filters / attenuator
-Engine Color
-The color of the Motoworks
-Rim color
– Cab color
– Ornaments
-Engine covers
-Tank (Tank / Bagging)
-Cabin door
-Engine Hits
-Tank hatch


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES


November 21, 2020

– Power 190 hp
– Capacity 6500 liters
– Speed 25 km / h
– Including Claas C490 Header: Working width of 4.9 m


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES

These are the Kemper harvest headers from the FS19.

+ more color design options
+ various bugs fixed

These machines get with this modification the missing functions that they have in reality. This harvest headers harvest corn, sunflowers, wheat, barley, canola, soybeans and oat for silage. On Mod Maps the harvesting of new crops is possible, as long as the creator assigned the correct category to the map.


Price: 80000
Working Width: 6 m
Maximum Working Speed: 13 km/h / 8 mph


Price: 120000
Working Width: 9 m
Maximum Working Speed: 10 km/h / 6 mph

SFI 900

Price: 120000
Working Width: 9 m
Maximum Working Speed: 10 km/h / 6 mph

TF 2020 MODS

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES

The New Holland CR10.90, the powerhouse of harvesters.
-Price: 438.000
-Working speed: 12 km / h
-Extended Ladder
-Speed: 40 km / h
-Power: 731 hp
-Volume: 14,500 liters
-Animated door opened by mouse control
-Numerous Track, and Tire configurations
-Two Grain Tank Options
-Optional Lighting Package
-European, and North American Warning signs.

Whiskey Sierra Modding, Adub Modding ABP Team, SIID

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES

– ThreshingFlowIndicator.lua updated (dynamic adjustment of the speed depending on the utilization of the cutting unit, the engine power and other adjustments, e.g. dynamic chopping ejection)
– Logo on the GPS adapted to the crown
– Rear view camera installed unfortunately not configurable, therefore an extra xml installed
– fix warning components at Kemper 345
– Added rye to the Grain XDisc
– almost all logos newly adapted and revised
– Removed standard color choices
– all color choices changed and adjusted 🙂
– Engine configuration 480, 530, 580 and 630 installed (new decals created)
– Color choice for knife added to Krone Easycollect 600
– Kemperschneidwerke added some parts of the color choice
– Kemperschneidwerke color choice inserts for hoses (above holder)
– Ball head coupling made configurable
– fix hydraulic cylinder length for the cylinders from the intake
– fix steering cylinder
– Krone Collect 9 m added with all color choices like the 600
– fix movement hydraulic cylinder and spring at the end of the short pipe (in the original there was nothing)
– fix movement hydraulic cylinder and spring at the end of the middle pipe (in the original there was nothing)
– fix movement hydraulic cylinder at the end of the long pipe (in the original there was nothing)
– fix movement spring at the end of the long pipe (in the original there was nothing)
– fix the texture of the spring at the end of the long pipe which was white (in the original there was nothing)
– fix movement of the metal strut at the end of the long pipe on the side (in the original there was nothing)
– trailerTrigger enlarged
– added really wide tires
– fix decals from on the roof (already hung in the air from Giants) Deacls cut up and new pos.
– Auto contour (ground adjustment) inserted
– License plates adapted to engine variants
– Weights can now be configured up to 2000 kg (weight adjustment optimized)
– Tape drives made more dynamic
– ThreshingFlowIndicator WarnDecal added to the monitor when the load goes towards max
– Front, right and left windshield wipers installed and animated, material created (Wicher rubber) (in the original there was nothing animated, Giants probably forgot)
– various sound adjustments
– SolarBerttery Script installed and created a prototype of E-Häcklser
– Solar panels installed and holders created
– Heat flickers from the cladding installed (exhaust smoke) should represent the heat from the battery 🙂 (with the electric chopper)
– Added license plate for E chopper
– Display of utilization on the monitor changed
– Translation adjusted for the header carriage and xDisx header for the configuration for the attachment.

This is a pack around a forage harvester the Krone BIG X 580 from Giants that I edited a bit in my sense as I thought it would.

The contents of the pack:
– Krone BIG X 580
– Kemper plus 345
– Krone EasyCollect 600
– Kemper plus 375
– Krone EasyFlow 300 S is standard
– Krone EasyFlow 300 S only Straw
– Krone XDisc 620 is standard
– Krone XDisc 620 only grain
– Krone XDisc 620 only Grass
– Krone header trailer for Krone XDisc 620 from the pack with tensioning belt support
– Kemper Comfort Support Wheel for Kemper plus 375

What was done like that? First everything was put into a pack and everything was added to a MW category. There is now a MW category for the vehicles and trailers / devices where the vehicles / devices can be found.
Various color choices have been added to the Big X, as well as various configuration options, a tape drive can now also be selected, and it can be selected whether or not you want to use a tire pressure control system (RDA) .The pressure must first be adjusted with CTRL + Page up or Page down and then press CTRL + P to adjust the pressure The pressure is displayed at the bottom of the help window (F1). Furthermore, the BIG X has hose connections for hydraulics, electricity and air for coupled trailers as well as an animated (when coupling) coupling for ball head attachments. There are also hydraulic connections for the attachments on the BIG X as well as on the attachments. A different horn sound is also installed, and the chopper now turns on the flashing light when reversing as well as the rear work lights: D.
Hoses for hydraulics have been added to the attachments and color choices have been added so that everything can be color-coordinated.
The chopper and the header trailer have also been given selectable license plates.
With this chopper it is possible to chop up straw and recharge it. If you want to do this, you have to buy the pick-up included in the pack that is suitable for straw and reconfigure the chopper to output straw. If you want to do this you need a map prepared for it, a map would be this one Hinterkaifeck by Team MW or here the TUT how to do it yourself.
The cutting unit carriage for the Krone XDisc 620 is equipped with a tensioning belt support, as are the 3 Krone XDisc cutting units.
I must have forgotten something, but you’ll find that out now, but I hope you have fun chopping.
Again, if anyone is surprised that the Hächlser does not recognize a trailer, please check the output configuration, which should be set to Hackslegut / Chaff.
You can watch the whole thing down at the driver’s door !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Support is available here and not in the comments;) please click here
This mod pack may only be published on other sites with the original link
Please have that much respect
If someone wants to support us, he can do so here
Thank you

Modelle, Scripte und Texturen – Giants
Scripte: Addconfig,AddStorCategory und ChangeModTitle – Ifko[nator]
Script: tirePressure – Wobster
Umbauten – Zetor6245

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES

Hello, at the outset I want to tell you that the bison is not perfect and the best in the world.
The mod is released because there is no such buffalo in fs 19.
If you want to see the presentation here.


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES

CASE IH 2566 V1.0.0.0

November 17, 2020

Combine harvester Case IH 2566
– Price: 205 000 €
– Power: 253 hp
– Capacity: 7050L
– 510 liters fuel tank capacity
– Dual and single tire options
– Door animations by mouse
– Optional dark and light glasses
– Coupling option for rigid and flexible cutter
– Includes 25-foot cutter

Agro Tonho

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES

John Deere 2-Row & 4-Row cotton pickers (9920, 9930, 9940, 9950)

Hi guys, I converted and edited these little vintage combines over to FS19, though the mod needs much more detailing! For example the combines have no lights and the helper doesn’t work! As I’m not an experienced modder and this is the first time I’m releasing a mod, anyone willing to edit these and release them is free to do so! I’d be happy to see them reach the official Modhub one day.

From Greece with love…

John Deere 9920
Price: 20.000$
Capacity: 6.000lt
Power: 125hp
Rows: 2

John Deere 9930
Price: 30.000$
Capacity: 8.000lt
Power: 175hp
Rows: 2

John Deere 9940
Price: 45.000$
Capacity: 10.000lt
Power: 225hp
Rows: 4

John Deere 9950
Price: 60.000$
Capacity: 12.000lt
Power: 275hp
Rows: 4

Original models (2013): Chrisp267

Conversion and editing in FS19: Greek Farmer

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / COMBINES