Modifications 34789

Fixed sounds
Fixed grain tank cap

– Power: 145 h/p
– speed: 25 km/h
– hopper volume: 4990 l
– dashboard and fan animation
– wheel setup
– light
– washable

Larsen Farms Modding, Iron Modding

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KRONE BIG X 580 PACK V1.0.1.0

September 19, 2020

– Installation of the threshingFlowIndicator.lua, thereby the utilization of the cutting unit is displayed and controlled.
– The engine stalls if you drive into the fruit too quickly with the cutting unit switched on
– Cruise control is automatically set to the respective maximum speed
– Different fruits have different maximum harvesting speeds
– the whole thing now depends on the width of the cutting unit (narrower cutting unit as specified in the standard -> chop faster / larger -> chop slower)
– Display of symbols of the fruit that is being harvested
– there is a problem with one fruit: with oats, barley is displayed as a symbol – unfortunately could not be solved (it is displayed correctly in the F1 window)

This is all configurable via the utilization indicators:
– Everything like the standard chopper – no speed limit, no engine stalling
– load display in front above the steering wheel
– further monitor on the side, with utilization display and symbol of the fruit (which is being harvested)
– both displays – that is, load display in front and monitor
– XDisc and cutting unit carriage configuration added -> Attachment of the cutting unit as in the Claas DLC
– Edited shop pictures of XDiscs, pickup and header trailer
– Added color options for the support wheel of the Kemper Plus 375
– Co-driver inserted – the following mod is required Universal Passenger | ModHub | Agriculture simulator
– A few more ads inserted in the roof above and in the monitors
– in the roof above it is now indicated which lights (work lights) are switched on
– The current fruit and the utilization of the cutting unit are displayed in the configurable monitor
– extra monitor built in for the start check
– then in the montor of the armrest (large):
– Start picture of the BIG X
– Speed ​​in numbers and via analog display
– Speed ​​in numbers and via analog display
– Icon for cruise control – status and speed in numbers for setting
– Temperature display in bar form, numbers + icon which, depending on the temperature, turns green (everything is OK) and red (too warm)
– Icon for rotating beacon lights up when it is switched on
– Fill level display for diesel in bar form, numbers in%, number display for hours consumption as well as an icon (petrol pump) lights up red when the tank is empty
– Icons for start – top row from the left – light up red / orange at start and then go out or turn green
– AdBlue display in bar form, numbers in% and icon (blue fuel pump)
– Air display in bar form, numbers in% and as an icon – at the bottom – if there is not enough air, it lights up red
– Current InGame time of day in the top left corner
– Hectare display of the worked area in numbers
– Operating hours display
– Display by image whether the cutting unit is coupled or not (images created)
– Display by image whether the pipe is extended or retracted
– Odometer and trip meter installed – The odometer Mod from BPG is required for display [MOD] Kilometer display – Black Panther Group Forum
– New sounds for chopper, hydrostatic sound added and cutting units (also working sounds for XDisc and Pickup)
– Increased steering angle when the trailer hangs on the ball head (increased angle from the trailer to the chopper)
– All warning lights come on when reversing
– Fix turnOnVehicle entry at Krone Easy Collect 600
– Shield for speed installed and configurable
– Sound built into XDisc cutterbars when you open them
– Weight configuration added 500 kg, 1000 kg and 1500 kg on the BIG X
– Displays in the monitors completely rebuilt
– Crown logo added to the seat of the BIG X.
– Added covers on the wheelhouses when tape drives are installed (self-built)
– Tape drives revised (blocked immediately when taking off the gas)
– MB number reduced
– 4 different configurable horns
– Kemper cutting units revised with regard to ConnectionHoses and supports when coupling and uncoupling
– Krone BIGX mount for connections at the rear (self-built)
– Added header trailer speed sign

A few more pictures to explain.

Modelle, Scripte und Texturen – Giants
Scripte: Addconfig,AddStorCategory und ChangeModTitle – Ifko[nator]
Script: tirePressure – Wobster

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NEW HOLLAND CR5080 V1.0.0.0

September 19, 2020

Combine harvester New Holland CR 5080 accompanying a cutter and trailer to transport the cutter.
– Price: 21500 €
– Power: 294 hp
– Capacity: 7050L
– Dual and single tire options
– Door opening

Varifeed 25 feet
– Price: 46000 €
– Working width: 7.6 meters
-Animated spouts that accompany the soil

Conveyor trailer for cutter
– Price: 5000 €

Agro Tonho

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FIATAGRI 3550 AL BETA V1.0.0.0

September 16, 2020

Ecco a voi la mitica e leggendaria FiatAgri Laverda 3550AL convertita alla perfezione (e con i permessi) dallo scorso capitolo….la nuova convenrsione offre molte features interessanti come:
Simple ic ready per apertura sportelli, cofani, condotto di scarico, copertura serbatoio e pesi ruote posteriori e luci reclinabili posteriori;
Livellamento perfettamente funzionante e sempre attivo (occhio quando si è in strada pk la trebbia si livella sempre);
Animazione completa di cinghie di trasmissione, motore con il caratteristico tremolio e battipaglia;
Animazione di taglio (come le trebbie di default) per entrambi le lame;
Il pack contiene:
Zip trebbia;
(Configurazioni: con o senza serbatoio coperto)
zip testata per girasoli zaffrani; zip testata grano;
(Configurazioni: con i senza carter)
zip carrello porta lama;
PS: La mietitrebbia è una versione Beta. Se riscontrate problemi o bug potete contattarci su instagram agri_italian_modding oppure in discord ManuelLuFricu#2876.

Edit Fs17: Sukaz Farmer,Edo Todd,Riguz00
Converted: LuFricu (Agri Italian Modding), Farmer Boy, Az. Agricola F&A

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Hi all!
I offer you today what is neither more nor less than the TC5.90 of Giant, but with some config in more!

– Price: 150,000 €
– Power: 258 ch
– Capacity: 6400 L

-Real sounds
-Config of place of the gyros
-Choice of manual drain or not
-Choice of tires [Trelleborg / Mitas / Michelin]
-Compatible passenger mod
-Display of the hopper filling in the cabin

Varifeed 18 FT
-Price: € 35,000
-Width: 5.5 m
-Working speed: 10 km / h

Cochet GTSH
– Price: € 4,500

– Gyro
– Led lights
– License plate
Choice of rim colors

Thanks to:
– Nico from 55 for the lights
– Ditch FraBel for the authorization of delivery in DL du Cochet.

Leta Normande
GIANTS Software

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September 12, 2020

The Fiatagri L Series V2 always with its superb configurations.
Aviable Brandings: FiatAgri / New Holland
Price: 50.000 Ls/€
Capacity: 6.500 Liters


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September 10, 2020

New in v1.0.0.1
– Prevent lifting the implement when the player regains control of a worker within a field
Fixed in v1.0.0.2
– Error when stopping worker in the field with several tools like Kuhn HR4004 + BTF4000

When using workers you often encounter the situation where a worker informs that he has completed his task while in fact some part of the field remains to be done.
So you must restart the tractor/combine, restart the implement and replace the worker. In a crooked field, this can happen many times and become boring.
With this mod, the worker will wait a given time before stopping the tool and finally the engine. This will also allow you to regain control of a worker faster when you manually stop it.

By default the implement is stopped after 2 minutes (except for sprayer that is stopped directly as usual). The engine is stopped after 3 minutes.
You are informed by a notification that the vehicle has been stopped.


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DON 1500 B97 V1.0.0.0

September 10, 2020

Combine harvester don 1500B samples 1997-2004.
– Hopper capacity: 6000 / 6500 / 7000 l.
– Two color options, choice of Windows, wheels, equipment, choice of engine, hopper with unloading auger, trailer device.
– Includes three grain harvesters ZHU 6 (width 6 meters); 7 (7 meters); 8.6 (capture 8.6 m), as well as a header for sunflower and corn PSP 10 with a width of 5.6 m. Cart for transportation of harvesters.

Shnurok, MAC, Сергей Даниленков, IGORyaN, Andy Vertlib, Aluha74rus

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