Modifications 38469

With the permission of the original authors, I am pleased to bring you a Placeable Version of the well known Loan Oak Cow Barn.

-Updated modDesc
-Fixed issue with snow mask showing all the time.
-Texture Adjustments

-Manure System Ready
-Snow Mask Added
-Seasons Mask Adjustment
-Brand Changed
-Other Minor Adjustments

This great American style barn retains most features from the map but with a few changes and some extra functions!
-You will have 3 choices when it come to placing the barn,
1. Fenced Pen and Manure Collection inside the Barn.
2. Fenced Pen and Manure Collection in a Manure Pit.
3. No Fences and Large Pasture for Grazing with Manure Collection inside the Barn.
Field markers help with when placing and can be toggled on and off with the Icon on the side of the barn.
-Large Storage area is great for storing Bales and Feeding Equipment.
-Grass grows in the Pens…Don’t forget to mow it!
Now all players can have a little piece of the Iconic Lone Oak Farm!
– Price: 269,999
– Daily upkeep: 69
– Animal capacity: 500 Cows
– Seasons ready

gForce_modding, Oxygendavid, BulletBill, LoneWolf

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS


December 1, 2020

An open pasture for grazing cattle. No food spillage to clean up, no milk or manure to be collected.
It is recommended that you level the ground prior to placing because the level area is smaller than the pasture area.

Price: 10000 $
Daily Upkeep: 10 $

Note: Animal Pen Extension ready!


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS

Cattle barn with strawstage

Capacity: 50 animals
Price: 80000,- with fence
price 75000,- without fence

The stable uses a sloped floor system. Manure has to be removed in front of the feeding alley.
Bales can be given into the hay rack.
A tigger for strawbales is on the left side of the strawstage.

The stables are for animal fattening and doesn´t produce milk.
Seasons Mod ready and recommended.


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS

Single Family House, project from 1993, very popular on Polish farms.

Price: 25,000 €
Daily maintenance: 20 €
Seasons ready.


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS

FENCE V1.0.0.0

December 1, 2020

A Fence to place anywhere on your map.

J/G Farms Modding

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS

BULK BUY V1.0.0.0

December 1, 2020

This mod allows you to purchase up to ten pallets or big-bags from the shop in a single transaction. Select the required amount before you purchase. If there is not enough room to deliver the full amount, then you will only be charged for the items that you have recieved.


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS


December 1, 2020

Price: 3500 €
Daily upkeep: 15 €


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS


December 1, 2020

Have you ever seen cuter fuel tanks? I doubt! Decorate your farm with these cat and pig shaped, unique fuel tanks – Catrol and Pigtrol.
Note: You have to open the hatch before filling and refueling!
Price: 5000 €
Capacity: 3000 liters
Seasons ready


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OBJECTS