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It’s that time of year, cool crisp days and the wind begins to blow. Leaves are changing color and beginning to fall. It is the time of year of the Autumnal Equinox. In our latest map Autumnal Equinox Forest, we try to capture the essence of fall logging. There is a variety of terrain to log on this map for your pleasure. There are new textures on trees and the colors were lightened up to give it the feel of fall.

Mr.Tbone39 and the Shanty Boys Map Creation Team

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September 22, 2020

This global script adds a tire sound to all tractors, provided that the maximum speed of each tractor is at least 30 km/h. The sound is only heard when the tractor is driving quite fast on a road, on fields or dirt roads there is no tire sound. The sound is a bit different depending on the tires; a difference is made between normal tractor mud tires, narrow care tires, crawlers and Nokian tires.

The sound is switched off by default. You can turn on the sound when you buy the tractor in the shop, where you can also adjust the volume (from 40% to 300%). If you have already bought a tractor in the game, you have to drive to the workshop to turn on the sound. The recommended volume setting is around 100% to 125% for tractors with original Giants sound, and often more for mod tractors.

You can change the default configuration setting in the modDesc.xml with “defaultVolumeConfigPercent”.

PeterAH (Modding-Welt)

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER


September 22, 2020

This contains two racking systems plus one for storage of seed and fertilizer including liquid fertilizer.
First rack max weight upto 5000kg
Second rack max weight upto 8000kg
Thrid is for storage of seed and fertilizer
Price: £500 Storage: £8500
Daily upkeep:£5
Seasons Ready
NOTE: The only way to fill this is by trailer and tanker.


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER


September 21, 2020

Automatic Loading Package To Load Big Bags and Pallets.
-Large Sacks: You can Transport Pallet of Fertilizer, Lime, Seeds or Pig Food. Can Supply Seeding Machines and Sprayer in Fields.
-Pallet: It can be used to transport pallets of eggs, milk or wool. It is possible to Load or Unload Egg, Milk or Wool only When Connected.
Attach and Place the Pallet Trailer in the Loading or Unloading Area and the Trailer will Load Automatically.
To Download the Products the Message will appear on the Screen To start the Download with Egg, Milk or Wool depending on the Product you carry.

Price: € 6,200
-Eggs: 19,200 L
-Milk: 20,000 L
-Wool: 8,000 L
-Store category: Tools – Animals.

Big Sacks:
-Price: € 9,500
-Capacity: 20 Pallet.
-Fertilizer: 20,000 L
-Cal: 40,000 L
-Seeds: 20,000 L
-Food for Pigs: 20,000 L
-You can find this Trailer in the Category of Trailers.

raulycristi1 [VSR Modding Sur]

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER


September 21, 2020

Climate around Six Ashes in the UK Ideal for the Six Ashes Map


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER

Typical weather for the South West of England (Exmouth/Devonshire). The mod fits very well to the map Sandy Bay. Update Weather/ without MaizePlus Support

GnomAtom [FBM]

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER


September 21, 2020

Do You Want To Test Mods And You Need To Get Money Fast? With Money Generator Mod You Can Add 1.000.000$ to your account by pressing the keys CTRL + ALT + Q.
In multiplayer, You must first join a farm.

We work several days to create a mod, so please don’t take it and upload it on your account.

My GameSteam

Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER


September 20, 2020

This is a protest sign for your tractor or you use it for decoration.
have fun with the mod.


Farming simulator 2019 | FS19 mods / OTHER