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ETS2 bus mods

If you want something that can change the ETS2 experience for you, download one of the bus mods from Gamersmods. They’re all free and they all make a completely big overhaul to the way and style of play. In the regular game, you can only drive DAF, Iveco, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and Scania trucks. However, with the installation of mods, you can swap one of these trucks with a city, inter-city, double decker or tourist buses from around the world.
Fancy driving a classic from one edge of the map to another? Want to feel like a bus driver on his journey across Europe? You can do that and you can find all sorts of brand new or classic bus models from European, North American, Asian or South American manufacturers. So, you can expect to sit behind the wheel of Neoplan, Marcopolo or even classic Eastern European buses, like Ikarus’ wheels. These buses have unique looks and most of them are made by modding pros, so you can expect high-resolution exterior and interior textures to let you fully immerse into the new gaming experience.
Downloading a bus mod is simple. Select the mod you like from the catalogue and click the Download button. Once you have the file, place it in your ETS documents /mod folder. Mount the mod from within the game’s menu and pick up the bus from a dealer. If you found the mod to be exciting, fun or very realistic, give it a five-star rating or leave a nice comment to let the developer know your appreciation!

Luggage racks and animated doors
Hallway door is also lively
Mix bus, with 2 seat options: Leito and Semi Leito
Passengers board and disembark the bus
Quality textures in 4K with Skins Mix
When passengers board, their luggage remains inside the luggage compartment and also on top of the luggage compartment in the lounge
Clearer and more realistic lighting
Edit skins and signs for you to edit too
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Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

G7 Volvo Facelift 6×2

March 1, 2024

10 Skins Edit
Edite signs
LED options
Babysitter with animation
Fixed passengers
Passengers embark and disembark
And much more


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Marcopolo Senior

March 1, 2024

Marcopolo Senior Bus for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Version 1.49.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

– Standalone
– Own Trailer
– Own Sound
– Own Interior
– Tuning


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Marcopolo G7 1800 DD 8X2 6X2

February 28, 2024


-Chassis 6×2 and 8×2 in the same mod;


– DRL system;

-Extremely realistic suspension, bringing comfort when riding;

-Engine and gearbox configured according to the technical sheet;

-Recorded sound of a real model;

•Compatible with SCS cabin accessories DLC;

-Customizable signs through the digitized signs;

-Different fabrics of the armchairs;

-Fully rendered driver’s cab configured with an excellent driving position;


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Marcopolo III 4×2 v1.49

February 28, 2024

Digital tachograph
Skin template
Metallic paint support is available
Original engine sound
Original retader sound
Buildable digital signage (3 front, back and door side)
Buildable cockpit flag
Buildable suction cup signboard
Flashing light system in addition to fan covering (Optional additional mode required)
reversing camera
middle door camera
Multiple seat covering options
Multiple floor options
Multiple interior cabin light options
Multiple vehicle surrounds pianoblack can be slotted
Slotting more than one in-cabin steering wheel etc.
Driver lights (Slottable standard comes on)
Vehicle roof dovetail and neta satellite antenna can be slotted
vehicle front spoiler


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

New Road N10 MB 1.49

February 28, 2024

– sold at the dealer of mods
– 2 chassis
– 2 engines
– own interior
– own sounds
– 50 skins
– animations


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Mascarello Roma R8 Bus v1.2

February 22, 2024

– Independent bus model
– High quality 3D model
– High quality detailed exterior
– High quality detailed interior
– the model has own interior
– the model has own sound
– the model has own wheels
– the model has passangers seats
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– the choice of engine power
– the choice of transmission and gearbox
– the choice of wheels and rims
– choice of color body / metallic paint / skins
– correct position of the Mascarello logo
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
– The correct position of the player
– Working lights
– Working mirrors
– There are external tuning
– Supports all major functions of the game
– Buy from Acces Mod dealer

Version 1.2:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49

Jimmy Rodriguez, ToneySoft, LW Games, M2M, Lauro Wagner

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus