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If you want something that can change the ETS2 experience for you, download one of the bus mods from Gamersmods. They’re all free and they all make a completely big overhaul to the way and style of play. In the regular game, you can only drive DAF, Iveco, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and Scania trucks. However, with the installation of mods, you can swap one of these trucks with a city, inter-city, double decker or tourist buses from around the world.
Fancy driving a classic from one edge of the map to another? Want to feel like a bus driver on his journey across Europe? You can do that and you can find all sorts of brand new or classic bus models from European, North American, Asian or South American manufacturers. So, you can expect to sit behind the wheel of Neoplan, Marcopolo or even classic Eastern European buses, like Ikarus’ wheels. These buses have unique looks and most of them are made by modding pros, so you can expect high-resolution exterior and interior textures to let you fully immerse into the new gaming experience.
Downloading a bus mod is simple. Select the mod you like from the catalogue and click the Download button. Once you have the file, place it in your ETS documents /mod folder. Mount the mod from within the game’s menu and pick up the bus from a dealer. If you found the mod to be exciting, fun or very realistic, give it a five-star rating or leave a nice comment to let the developer know your appreciation!

cover realistic rain v402 143 rQ


November 16, 2021

Changelog v4.0.2
– Compatibility for 1.43

What’s included this mod?
– Realistic Rain textures
– Realistic textures of Raindrops from inside cabin
– Greater amount of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows)
– Realistic windshield effects
– Improved Water Particles when the asphalt is wet (Truck and AI Traffic)
– Realistic rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
– Realistic & high quality thunders sounds
– More variety in thunder sounds

Compatible with all maps

Thanks to AlexeyP by original texture of raindrops
Thanks for support & feedback: Antoniopua, Stropher
Thanks for the help with FMOD Tool: Robinicus

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover hi res roads for france sc 1

This mod replaces the roads in France, Scandinavia, Italy, Baltics and the reworked parts of Germany with very high-resolution versions so that every road line you see are smooth, unlike the occasional curve that is made of up straight-line segments in the stock map.

This mod only replaces the road templates used in-game and does not modify the map.

Changelog 16 nov:

– fixed bugs

– updated for v1.42


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover cold rain 025 AbkBz3uZXg7J


November 16, 2021

– Textures of raindrops for windows and windshield have been changed

– Increased amount of raindrops from inside the cabin

– Rain textures have been improved

– The effects and behaviors of the drops on the windshield and windows have been changed

– The texture and effects of the water particles on the wheels when the asphalt is wet has been changed (affects all vehicles, traffic included)

– Realistic rain sounds, such as drops falling in the cabin and the sound of rain with the outside view

– Realistic thunders sounds & greater variety (about 20 high quality sounds/samples)

Note: The thunder will be heard in an interval of between 1 and 5 seconds when seeing the ‘flash’ (lightning), simulating as in reality.

– 1.42.x – 1.43.x versions. No errors in game log.

– Support for FMOD Sound System.

– Compatible with all DLC’s and it should work with Mods Maps

– Compatible with Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely

– Must have high priority in Mod Manager. ‘Cold Rain’ on top (ABOVE) of Weathers/Graphics, Maps and Sound mods.

Changelog: Support for 1.43.x version

AlexeyP (some textures, thanks!)
Drive Safely (FMOD Tool parameters compatibility)
Robinicus (FMOD Tool guides)

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover kirov and kirov region v11 1

Kirov and Kirov region map

Changes in 1.1.

– Support of a convey mode

– Added by the city of Yaransk

– Added track P243 (Kotelnich – Sharya)

– Postreated by the bypass G. Sharya

– Gruces in all companies are now common with default or other mods

– Alarm bugs, multiple lashaft repainted

Scale: Standard (1:19)

The map is completely independent and should not cause any conflicts with any other modes.

No standard file game is replaced, everything is yours

On the map completely its objects and models

Options How to get to the region:

Crossing from Tallin

Buy garage in Kirov

Requires all DLC maps

Kirov Team

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover mudflap scania 142x zGeyHr


November 14, 2021

Mudflap pack for all Scania by SCS, works only on 1.42.x version

15 Mudflap variants fully standalone.

HorseeHorse Modding

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover military addon for ownable 4

Version 1.2.7 – compatibility update for game version 1.42

Adds 40 military cargo for ownable overweight trailer Broshuis
You need main mod ‘Ownable Overweight Trailer Broshuis’
Priority in mod manager is not important.
Tested on version 1.42.x
Models by Eugen Systems, Obsidian Entertainment, Bohemia Interactive, Treyarch, Infinity Ward


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover bollore bluebus se v107 14 1


November 13, 2021

Changes v1.0.7:

Update for 1.43


Sold by a mod dealer;

2 cabins;

1 chassis;

Your wheels;

Your interior;

Your sound;

Is painted;

Various tuning;

Domcek, Etrusan

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover solaris urbino iii 12 bvg 1

Changelog v2.0.12

Update for 1.43


1 cabin

2 chassis

Your wheels

Your interior (2 options)

Your sound



Domcek, Etrusan

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus