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ETS2 bus mods

If you want something that can change the ETS2 experience for you, download one of the bus mods from Gamersmods. They’re all free and they all make a completely big overhaul to the way and style of play. In the regular game, you can only drive DAF, Iveco, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and Scania trucks. However, with the installation of mods, you can swap one of these trucks with a city, inter-city, double decker or tourist buses from around the world.
Fancy driving a classic from one edge of the map to another? Want to feel like a bus driver on his journey across Europe? You can do that and you can find all sorts of brand new or classic bus models from European, North American, Asian or South American manufacturers. So, you can expect to sit behind the wheel of Neoplan, Marcopolo or even classic Eastern European buses, like Ikarus’ wheels. These buses have unique looks and most of them are made by modding pros, so you can expect high-resolution exterior and interior textures to let you fully immerse into the new gaming experience.
Downloading a bus mod is simple. Select the mod you like from the catalogue and click the Download button. Once you have the file, place it in your ETS documents /mod folder. Mount the mod from within the game’s menu and pick up the bus from a dealer. If you found the mod to be exciting, fun or very realistic, give it a five-star rating or leave a nice comment to let the developer know your appreciation!


New Cross chassis (for sedan, hb, sw)

New facelift bumpers

New facelift headlights

New facelift taillights

New facelift rims

New facelift digital gauges

New facelift steering wheel

New colors

New plates

New sound for Abarth engine

New engine defs (MKCR)

UK left hand interior support

Fixed interior glass

huseyin besparmak

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

– Increase traffic density with standard SCS settings but more traffic, recommended: g_traffic 1

– Standard SCS vehicles was disabled, enable left: Trucks, Bus, Emergency vehicles.

– Support game: 1.40.xx




Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Changelog for Version 4.1:

added a manual version with different engine start/stop sounds & different air-gear sounds from a real Scania NG with manual gearbox

improved idle sound

overall engine sound slightly reworked

reduced compressor volume

new Opticruise gearbox sounds (normal version)

new engine brake sounds

engaging engine brake when shifting up (normal version only!)

reduced retarder volume & added smooth transition

new light-switch sounds

better turbo sound

Link 3 Manual version

– Kriechbaum
– Max2712

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

– Price: 3400 $
– color configuration
– Tire configuration
– new tire has been added
– a new type of plank has been added
– Added new tires


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

What’s Added?

– Ao Coating

– Interior Lighting

– Realistic Physics

– Multiple skins

– Door and Luggage Animation

– Passenger and Luggage options

– Modified options

– and more..


Model: Can Skmn

Arrangements: Burak Yılmaz.

ETS2 Convert: Comodore (Alperen39)

ETS2 edit and fix: Polat Yıldıran

Skin Logo And Package: Furkan Şahin and Emre Turgut

Polat Yıldıran

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

With Blade1974’s permission to edit his XT bumper I present you this small addons pack featuring XT parts for Scania R and S Next-Gen trucks. Also compatible with Eugene’s Scanias.

Accessories list:

– XT skin for Scania R

– XT bumper

– XT badge

– XT mirrors

– XT intakes

– Several badges designed for XT trucks (Pxxx, Gxxx, Rxxx, Sxxx)

Tested on 1.40.

Have fun!

Blade1974, TheNuvolari

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Changes v1.2:

Updated flares.

The engine sounds are updated as the basis of Kriechbaum and for interior sounds with Volvo FH 16 2012 SCS.

Fixed 27 engines.

Added 3 more types of trucks in Dealership Center

Fixed a truck registration in companies, and dealer, as well as when creating a profile.

– Standalone;

– Sold in Volvo;

– 5 cabins;

– 6 chassis;

– Own interior (several options for different cabins);

– The sounds (9 options, depend on engines);

– A large number of engines and transmissions;

– Present in the gallery;

– Cable support;

– Many accessories for tuning.

Fransk Peru, YekkoYek fix and update galimim.
Adaptation for ETS 2: Serega22ru.
Upgrading ETS2 version to 1.1 mods82
Mirror fix for ETS2 stormans
Update for 1.40 XENON

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus







Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus