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ETS2 interior mods

Download ETS2 interior mods to change the way you see the world from your truck. Even though the game offers some variety in terms of interior details, you don’t have that many options to change the look and upholstery materials like in the real world. Some of the interior mods are fully aesthetical and only change the way your interior looks, for example making it more luxurious by changing plastic covers into leather or switching colors, etc. Other interior mods can also add functionality and practicality like placing a GPS on the dash or fitting one where it is supposed to go.
There are also modifications for Euro Truck Simulator 2 interiors which are made with custom accessories that you can play with. Finally you can also download interior mods which make the interior closer to its real-life counterparts. Being able to fully customize your truck is one of those things that makes every experience on ETS 2 very different. Players can add LED lights, funny interior toys, functional devices, flags as well as other gimmicks that make the cabin of the truck a more personalized and cozier environment.
All mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 are completely free on Gamersmods, so you can download one or all mods for your game. Keep in mind that the modification has to be compatible with the version of ETS 2 that you are currently running. Leave a 5-star review if you love the mod.

Heads (dlc_toys) Light Interior Addon

-Small Modification to the dlc_toys by SCS Software

-Add light versions of the heads interior accessory for all trucks

-The accessory works with truck electrics

HishamGT5, SCS Software

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Tables in the cabin for Scania 2016.


8 options

2 options for the location in the cabin

LED backlight

Slots for items

Compatible with Scania 2016 from SCS

To work, you need DLC Cabin Accessories

Version 2.0:

added realistic lighting effect

added RGB LED flashing lights


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Update: 13 Feb


-Restore the cruise controls speed value in the dashboard

This mod improves the readability of the Mercedes-Benz New Actros 2019 with slightly larger font. It also adds a speed limit indicator right in the dashboard.

Note: I tried to make this dashboard as close as possible to the real dashboard. However, due to few pictures of the real dashboard being available and due to the lack of proper variables from SCS, it is not possible to replicate the real dashboard at this time.

Fully compatible with 1.46.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior


update for 1.46

Added UK interior options

Various improvements and corrections

This mod adds a lot real editions of interiors for Volvo FH 2012 by SCS.

– Space Edition

– 500 Special Edition

– Unlimited Edition

– Performance Edition

– 25 Year Special Edition

– Ocean Race Edition

– 90 Years Edition

– Alisa Edition

– 2021 Edition


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Mod updated with new available parameters in 1.46 game version.

Some controls rearranged, some new controls added like:

– smart cruise control tolerance gap (if used)

– parking and low beam lights indicator (because I don’t see what light is “ON” on my seat position)

– ETA time only under the clock

– time to rest (is fatigue used)

– trip fuel consumed

– v8 red-black logo

– suspension load bar in kN

– differential temperature bar

and etc.

piva, update jotada

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Several options for highlighting indicators and buttons for the Volvo FH.

There are 4 colors available: yellow, pink, green and blue.

Made by separate mods, put only one.

Compatible with the default Volvo FH 2012


update for patch 1.46

fixed dashboard background


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

The modification allows you to purchase various interior accessories in your truck.Create your own style using high-quality accessories created by the workshop “Belka Customs”.

Completely autonomous, models have collision and shadows.

The modification includes:

Flavor “Poppy” on the panel,Light boxes on the glass,Pennant triangles,Pennant “mini scarf”,Hanging cubes

Accessories support +60 trucks, both standard trucks and some of the modifications, the full list can be found on the latest modification photo.

Please note that this is a beta version and there may be bugs or flaws, if you find something, let me know.

The modification works in the official convoy!

The modification will be supplemented and updated..


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior


November 15, 2022

Electronic rearview mirrors

Support all truck electronic rear-view mirrors

After selecting mod, refit it at F7 in the repair shop

For version 1.46


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior