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ETS2 interior mods

Download ETS2 interior mods to change the way you see the world from your truck. Even though the game offers some variety in terms of interior details, you don’t have that many options to change the look and upholstery materials like in the real world. Some of the interior mods are fully aesthetical and only change the way your interior looks, for example making it more luxurious by changing plastic covers into leather or switching colors, etc. Other interior mods can also add functionality and practicality like placing a GPS on the dash or fitting one where it is supposed to go.
There are also modifications for Euro Truck Simulator 2 interiors which are made with custom accessories that you can play with. Finally you can also download interior mods which make the interior closer to its real-life counterparts. Being able to fully customize your truck is one of those things that makes every experience on ETS 2 very different. Players can add LED lights, funny interior toys, functional devices, flags as well as other gimmicks that make the cabin of the truck a more personalized and cozier environment.
All mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 are completely free on Gamersmods, so you can download one or all mods for your game. Keep in mind that the modification has to be compatible with the version of ETS 2 that you are currently running. Leave a 5-star review if you love the mod.

Version 6.0:

The A7 has a new construction site

There is a pizza restaurant in Bremen

The A7 has a new construction site

The A10 has a new construction site

In Rome at FUI there is an unffal + diversion

There is a building yard on the A2

The A2 and A10 have charge / discharge points (they don’t work yet).

A house is on fire in Magdeburg

and buses also go to the bus stop

On the A2, the speed on the construction site is now 60 km / h


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior








Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Сhanges in version 1.5
Adapted for FH Tuning Pack
Animation fix
Fixed missing sounds in version 1.39

Сhanges in version 1.4
– Update for 1.37
– Steering wheel geometry detail enhanced
– Two steering wheel options added
– Standard cab now has fabric seats
– Added another cab option with black leather seats and orange décor
– Added GPS navigator, with the ability to install on the console
– Fixed a bug due to which there were no raindrops on the glass
– And other corrections and improvements to the interior

Сhanges in version 1.3
– Reworked dashboard

Сhanges in version 1.2
– Reworked textures and materials for floor mats
– Minor geometry fixes

Сhanges in version 1.1
– Added automatic gearbox handle (so far without animation)
– Added a mirror cover to the sun visor
– Added shadow from the passenger seat
– Minor geometry fixes

– Interior for Volvo FH 2009
– Tested on version 1.39
– Redesigned materials using normal maps and dynamic reflections
– Changed logo on the steering wheel
– Steering wheel shadow added
– Changed seats
– Minor geometry fixes


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Windshield Table with Scania Title and Logo

Support all Scania Trucks!

Game: Euro truck simulator 2

Tested on 1.40.x version


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Exclusive Beige Interior for Scania R trucks.

Supported trucks:
– Scania R 2009


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Scania S Interior for Euro truck simulator 2

– 1.39 – 1.40 tested
– Interior in 4 colors
– shines bright like leather


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

Scania Next Gen Lux Interior fix for Euro truck simulator 2
– 1.40
– Blue and White
– Scania Next Gen S and R

Emre Kocabiyik

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior

I’m pleased to announce the re-release of the custom DAF XF 105 dashboard originally made piva .
It was broken with the recent versions of ETS2 but I was able with my limited abilities to fix it.
It’s been working fine under 1.39.x.
Haven’t done any testing with 1.40, sorry.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Interior