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When the game was launched in 2012, the game’s map had roads of 12 countries for you to explore. Later on, the Going East! DLC expanded three of them and added Hungary. Scandinavia DLC added three more while two further updates expanded the maps of France and Italy. Finally, the three latest updates (as of 2021) have added 8 new countries. In total, the Euro Truck Simulator map has 27 different countries that you can explore. This is a lot, but you can have even a more expansive map thanks to ETS2 maps mods from Gamersmods.
The most popular map mods include the famous Promods which adds a ton of new roads in the countries which are already in the game, including a handful of new countries in the Balkans and even the Middle East among others. Furthermore, you have the Rusmap, which maps out Ukraine, Belarus and a large portion of European Russia. But that is far from it. There are so many different and unique map mods out there, that you can make your game experience entirely unique thanks to maps mods. The best thing is that all of these modifications can be downloaded for free. Every player can drive to even more exotic locations around the world and explore the game like never before.

cover projekt kalisz 11 v019 144 1

PROJEKT KALISZ 1:1 v0.19 (1.44):

– most bugs fixed

– a new company in Zbiersk

– some refreshed forests

– reconstruction of the road Mycielin – Danowiec

– map enriched with even more details, e.g. litter bins, mailboxes.

Required DLC: Going East!, Scandinavia, Vive la France!, Bella Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea, Iberia

Game version: 1.44


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cover swedish islands map v102 1 1

This map addon called Swedish Islands is covering the two biggest islands in

Sweden, Gotland and Öland, located in the Baltic Sea. You can reach the island

Gotland by ferries from Karlskrona and Nynäshamn in Sweden and Ventspils in Latvia.

The other island Öland, you can get to via a bridge from the city Kalmar on the

east coast of Sweden.

Update Compatibility for 1.44

Wombat, bnj

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover rusmap update to version 2 1

Rusmap update to version 2.44

Rebuilt Zelenoborsky.

The second connection with (Penza – Syzran) has been built, Penza itself has been slightly expanded.

A partial rebuild of obsolete map assets has been made.

*** Game patch – 1.44 only !!***

Please keep the original download links, respect the work of the author!

Please save the original download link!

1.Unzip the archive and run the installer

2.Wait for the installation to finish and start the game

3. Enable mods in the game. Have a nice game!

Hash amount:

1.48 GB installer: MD5:77119E3ADF03E6851697DA17B9BB3FE0

Archive: 1.48 GB: MD5:91703DBE93310B9CAD59D018AC51D74F

Rusmap, Zelenoborsky

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover route alaska update v13 at 1

Route Alaska Update 1.3 ATS 1.44

Mod adds delivery routes Valdez City, Richardson Highway, Ski Center,Tonsina Alaska. v1.43. Changes in 1.3 the map has been moved to another sector to the north, new loading locations have been added, bugs have been fixed for the previous version. Enjoy your trip to Alaska. Install a high priority def file to work with other mods. For the mod to work, you need all the dlc maps.

Changes in 1.3
-map moved to another sector to the north, added new download locations, bug fixes for the previous version. Have a nice trip to Alaska.To work with other mods, set the def file with high priority.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover itarevamp version 03 by le 1

Changelog 0.3

New buildings and Tv Tower in Rome

new layout for Orvieto (scenery city) Orte and Orvieto…

Sala Consilina (new scenery city in Campania region)

Cosenza (new scenery city in Calabria region)

The map is a refinement and improvement of Italy from DLC Italy.

Features: added various infrastructure elements, panoramas of cities, local terrain features, power lines, etc. all DLC maps are required to work compatible with Promods, Rusmap, Southern Region (according to the author’s assurance)


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cover world map background 144 5

World map background.

Water areas are now colored blue.

The mod will not work properly with the Promods based combo maps.

Mod updated for v1.44


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cover grand utopia v1141 143 USn

– added a ferry port in Iliffa to support the appearance of the Akokan Island additions;
– added bus stops in several cities;
– added ordered advertising;
– Fixed some errors and display errors.

→ 39 available cities and villages
→ 27 planned cities and villages
→ 42 cities and villages sponsored by the community
→ 199 companies to deliver
→ 22 truck dealers
→ 4 highways
→ 18 secondary roads
→ a 7 500 km² playground, in the en


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover mapa rotas brasil 143 q9NK


May 11, 2022

Mapa Rotas Brasil Versão 1.43

Cidades do Mapa e seus trechos: Catanduva, Mirassol, São José dos Campos, Jacareí, Igaratá, Atibaia, Cordeirópolis, Limeira, Trecho de Hortolândia/SP e Trecho de Campinas/SP

OBS: Quem não tem todos como dlc’s do mapa adcionar os mesmos.

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps