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When the game was launched in 2012, the game’s map had roads of 12 countries for you to explore. Later on, the Going East! DLC expanded three of them and added Hungary. Scandinavia DLC added three more while two further updates expanded the maps of France and Italy. Finally, the three latest updates (as of 2021) have added 8 new countries. In total, the Euro Truck Simulator map has 27 different countries that you can explore. This is a lot, but you can have even a more expansive map thanks to ETS2 maps mods from Gamersmods.
The most popular map mods include the famous Promods which adds a ton of new roads in the countries which are already in the game, including a handful of new countries in the Balkans and even the Middle East among others. Furthermore, you have the Rusmap, which maps out Ukraine, Belarus and a large portion of European Russia. But that is far from it. There are so many different and unique map mods out there, that you can make your game experience entirely unique thanks to maps mods. The best thing is that all of these modifications can be downloaded for free. Every player can drive to even more exotic locations around the world and explore the game like never before.

cover tunisia map 10 for ets2 14 1

Tunisia Map is a standalone 1:1 real scale.

I would like provide realistic places and environement.

Map Features:

1. Not less than 75% realistic environement.

2. Over 55kms roads through the map.

3. 11 companies.

4. Realistic cities like Tunis, Denden, Mornaguia, Ben Arous, Rades,…

5. Hundreds of custom models.


You must own these 6 map DLCs, otherwise the mod will not work !!

– Going Est

– Scandinavia

– Vive la France

– Italia

– Beyond the Baltic Sea

– Road to the Black Sea

How to install:

Place the TunisiaMap.scs file into your mod folder.

If you play for the first time :

1. Create a new profile

2. Activate the mod in your mod manager (on top left)

3. Select “TunisiaMap.mbd” module instead of “Europe” before starting

the game.

4. Start the game !

Oidih Kedidi

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover roads of brazil map ebr ma 1

The Estradas do Brasil map is a Brazilian map for Euro Truck Simulator 2, released free of charge.

Standalone map of Brazil.

Realistic, beautiful and detailed map.

You need to create a profile and select the brasil.mbd module.

Map Contains Some Beautiful Offroad and Narrow Roads of Brazil.

List of cities:


Feira de santana

Simoes filho

















Vitória da Conquista





• V.1.8.3 changes:

Added 2 New Cities

Updated to version 1.42 and 1.43 of the game

Convoy Ready

Ready made Profile :

Video Review :

Leandro Machado and EBR Team

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover jateng v3 map save game pr 1

Here you have a Save Profile for Jateng v3 Map

This Profile Working On ETS2 1.36 to 1.43

– Money

– All skills

– Garages

– All Truck dealers

– Level 74

– cities discovered


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover map ceibo v19 save game pr 1

Here you have a Save Profile for Map Ceibo v1.9

This Profile Working On ETS2 1.40 to 1.43

– Money

– All skills

– Garages

– All Truck dealers

– Level 74

– cities discovered


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover slovakia map by kapo944 64 1

Changelog v6.4.9 / 28.10.2021 (FREE)


– 1.42 support

– support multiplayer “convoy”

– Žiar nad Hronom bypass R2

– Fiľakovo city moved from VIP to Free version


– R1 expressway rebuilded between Žarnovica junction -Žiar nad Hronom junction

– some bug fixed (50 speed limit sign in Prešov)


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover ultra zoom map by rodonitc 1


Tested on 1.42 and 1.43 version


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover rusmap v25 142x 25 vBlsrYq

RUSMAP V2.5 1.42.X

November 13, 2021

Map of Russia (52 cities) and the Republic of Belarus (18 cities).

– Update for 1.42 game version

– New roads

– Added 1 city in Russia

– Fixed small bugs

Do not reupload please!

[email protected] (Dmitry)

Sergey061, Schura774 – project support and development.

dimon_26, author of the north

geohotin, new models

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover road to asia 114 crash fix

Road to Asia 1.1.4 Patch Release for 1.42 has been released!


– Patched bugs found in previous versions, prevented CTD chances in Ashgabat and Tejen, fixed signage and compatibility with SibirMap

– Added OpenGL compatibility (expect minor issues with black police cars etc, will fix in next version)

Download here at our official link:


– If you do not use OpenGL you do not need to redownload Assets and Models, you can simply just download the Def/Map file.

– The Valencia Ferry file hasn’t been updated. The old file works fine.

Consider our premium download, it only costs a euro, it’s a fast download, you get one zip file and all you have to do is unzip and drop the new files in your mod folder then add them back into your load order, that’s it! No ads, no pop ups, no slower downloads, no multiple downloads – just one and done – and you can be happy that your small donation funds this project directly – the fancy new models you see, the fancy website, the cool features on Discord, and the motivation for our devs to continue expanding our projects – your donation plays a direct role in it and we greatly appreciate it so please consider the premium download! It means a lot to us and helps TerraMaps continue expanding at the rate it’s growing!

Enjoy Road to Asia 1.1.4 and enjoy trucking through North Korea, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and South Korea with your friends and VTC! We’ll be adding more multiplayer adventures in the future like fun mountain roads, dirt tracks, and other fun areas that will truly add enjoyment (and some laughs watching your friends flip over in Afghanistan) in future updates!

We would also like to apologize from the Road to Asia team for having the download down for a few days but we felt like there were still a few critical errors that needed to be resolved.

Thanks and happy trucking!


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps