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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map, ETS 2 Map

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map is one of the most famous and well-known games in the simulation genre. The iconic setting and style of the game has allowed developers SCS Software to become a household name in the gaming industry. ETS 2 Map is very fun to play because it allows people to take a job as a logistics company owner/entrepreneur who can drive multiple trucks through quite detailed recreated maps of many European countries. When your business can sustain itself, you can travel in free roam or test out new trucks or just have some fun.

When the game was launched in 2012, the game’s map had roads of 12 countries for you to explore. Later on, the Going East! DLC expanded three of them and added Hungary. Scandinavia DLC added three more while two further updates expanded the maps of France and Italy. Finally, the three latest updates (as of 2021) have added 8 new countries. In total, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map has 27 different countries that you can explore. This is a lot, but you can have even a more expansive map thanks to ETS2 maps mods or euro truck simulator 2 map from Gamersmods.

The most popular map mods include the famous Promods which adds a ton of new roads in the countries which are already in the game, including a handful of new countries in the Balkans and even the Middle East among others. Furthermore, you have the Rusmap, which maps out Ukraine, Belarus and a large portion of European Russia. But that is far from it. There are so many different and unique map mods out there, that you can make your game experience entirely unique thanks to maps mods. The best thing is that all of these modifications can be downloaded for free. Every player can drive to even more exotic locations around the world and explore the game like never before.

Revival Mod for Antarctica


-16 cities









-Companies for jobs

-Ferry Connections

Compatible with Promods

For ETS2 1.46X


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps


February 17, 2023

Home in Austria

Home near Klagenfurt, Austria

Mod Version: (v1.5)

Description: This add-on adds a house in Klagenfurt, Austria. In the area around the house there is a place to sleep and a parking lot.

Modification to work requires ETS 1.46 and all map DLC’s.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps


February 13, 2023

Slovakia Map

–19 cities in Slovakia

(Bratislava, Malacky, Trnava, Nové Zámky, Nitra, Nováky, Prievidza, Žilina, Ružomberok, Banská Bystrica, Brezno,

Poprad, Spišská Nová Ves, Rimavská Sobota, Košice, Michalovce, Prešov, Humenné, Snina)

–1 city in Ukraine (Velykyi Bereznyj)

Compatible with ETS2 1.46


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps


February 10, 2023

Addon for base map of France

Cities: Aurillac and Saint-Victor-la-Riviere

Places: Chaptela, Lempdes, Letrad, Loubresac and Saint-Leon

Added small narrow country roads for players who need a little more testing.

Compatible with Promods

You must have DLC France, DLS Scandinavia and DLC Baltic

Version 1.7:

added Toulouse-Blagnac airport

Added Sumene with narrow roads

For version 1.46.x


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps


February 10, 2023


Fixed ferry localized names

Fixed crash in Malabo Man truck dealer

Fixed country localized names’ positions

Fixed invisible barrier in Nouakchott ferry entrance

The map contains small portion of Ghana, Mauritania and Equatorial Guinea.

Development has been stopped so this map will not receive any updates. It will only be updated so it will be compatible with new versions of the game. You’ve probably seen this map somewhere, this from now on will be the official download link since I have permissions from Boberowsky, the main developer, because the map was abandoned. Many issues and bugs have been fixed.

New owner, rebuild and fix:
Ki4omirkata (me)
Beta testers of map:
Beta testers of the rebuild:

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

After a long time finally Map ADARO MINING First Version (1.0) RELEASED for Public . Ok before downloading the Map I suggest you to read A Little Explanation from me first This Map is a Mine Road belonging to PT Adaro Company which stretches provin 75 Km length through 2 provinces (Kalsel and Kalteng) from Kelanis Port (southern barito district) to Adaro Mine (tabalong district) With Straight Track and uphill roads, dominated by forests, rivers, plantations, rice fields and swamps and few residential Houses . Places on this map are as follows: •Kalanis Harbor •Weighing bridge •Trailer Operator Mess •PT Office . S S •Hot market •Mantuil Bridge •Post please come •Adaro office . Bonus Map : •Mine Traffic to increase Realism in playing . . Status Map: FREE This map works in version: ETS2 1.35 To 1.46


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps


February 7, 2023

Malloca Map

DLC (Iberia) are required to run this mod.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps


February 7, 2023

Maledives map 0.1

Contains much of atoll’s with small cities on the Indian Ocean.

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_east”

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_north”

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_fr”

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_it”

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_balt”

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_balkan_e”

dlc_dependencies[]: “dlc_iberia”

Mod is compatible with 1.46.X

Maledives Team

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps