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Even though we have over 10 categories of unique mods for ETS 2, not all of them can be categorized. You can find a lot of modifications for the game that aren’t a map, truck or sound modification, they’re a lot different. For example, you could have a change of a very particular gaming mechanic, like lights, gates, doors, etc. You can also have snow for the map which changes the look of the environment as well as driving difficulty. There are also AI mods which make the AI cars behave differently (smarter) or something like a physics mod to change driving characteristics. Also common are graphics mods that use various sorts of coding and technology to make textures clearer and manipulate lighting effects in such a away that they add more immersion and make everything seem more like real life rather than just a game.
If you aren’t able to find the category for a mod that you’re looking for, it’s highly possible that the modification is simply listed under ‘Other’. Take a look around to see if you can find the modification in question for ETS 2.
Most of these modifications are installed the same way as other mods (unpack and place the file in /mod folder) but others have unique setup ways. Check out the mod description before downloading and make sure you understand the instruction because graphic mods that aren’t installed properly could crash your game. Leave a review if you’re happy with how the mod works!


November 3, 2022

This mod replaces one of the service and repair stations.

The station has been fully rebuild and adds some stuff like workers, parking trucks

and an animated truck washing machine.

Update 03 Nov:

*washing stations for the cabin and trailers has been merged

*brushes and water jets now clean the entire truck, including the trailer

*added a passage for the washing station

*truck lift has been moved forward towards the entrance


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Federal Office for Goods Transport

fixed some bugs and renewed the texture


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Pack adds in traffic tuned trucks (about 70 different variants).
All standalone.
Cables simulation.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.45.x

Version 5.5 – added new tuned variants for Iveco S-Way, some minor fixes


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others


October 28, 2022

=== Support Trucks ===

Default Trucks


Iveco Sway

Scania 1 series

Scania 3 series 143m

Scania NG P/G

Scania RJL

Volvo FH5 2020

Ver1.1: added support tracks Ford Fmax, Scania 1, Scania 3


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

This mod replaces ALL (over 150) original SCS companies inside base game and map DLCs. Mod is made from the ground up and thus is only DirectX 11 compatible. It is compatible with v1.40.x+ and does not support the previous versions but it should work except you’ll see the SCS companies’ names. It replaces texture files (.dds) hence is always error free (no 3D models except one case).

Base game + East DLC –→ supported

Scandinavia DLC –→ supported

France base + DLC –→ supported

Italia base + DLC –→ supported

Baltic DLC –→ supported

Black Sea DLC –→ supported

Iberia DLC –→ supported


Schwarzmüller DLC –→ supported

Krone DLC –→ supported

Mod is formally updated to v1.45.

Voitureux (France) is rebranded from Groupe PSA to Stellantis France.

PIAC (Italia) is rebranded from FCA Italy to Stellantis Italy.

Fixed several Baltic companies. However one new company (Sirin Air) doesn‘t use its own trailer even there is a file. Bug or feature, ask SCS. Furthermore in the trailer showcase you can still see bltmetal_ru and aerobalt_ru because SCS didn‘t delete files. Even worse, Sirian Air in game 3d logo is slapped onto the old one, and SCS didn‘t even fix traffic signs they are still Aerobalt one.

Updated mod picture to reflect new changes.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Pack adds in traffic 602 BDFs with 1165 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.45.x
Compatible with all my packs.

Version 12.8 – added new skins of Bulgarian real companies, improved country definitions


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others


October 27, 2022

Mod adds to traffic taxi in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with other traffic packs.
For game version 1.45.x

Version 2.7 – added more taxi variants for Germany, improved definitions for more variety

SCS, Henki73, TrafficManiac

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Norwich Rework. A Rework of a place in England Called Norwich]!. Just a nice place to enjoy time and just sit there. In this Mod I have added some people walking, A dog walking, A Guy dancing, And some other things! 😀 Hope you enjoy, Have fun, And keep on trucking!

Requires: Promods And Promods Middle East Add-on

Changelog v1.1 2022-10-24

V1.1 Added more stuff like parked cars, parked truck, people talking/walking, etc, Removed floating plane at river.

Supported Game Versions: 1.45


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others