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ETS2 others mods.

Even though we have over 10 categories of unique mods for ETS 2, not all of them can be categorized. You can find a lot of modifications for the game that aren’t a map, truck or sound modification, they’re a lot different. For example, you could have a change of a very particular gaming mechanic, like lights, gates, doors, etc. You can also have snow for the map which changes the look of the environment as well as driving difficulty. There are also AI mods which make the AI cars behave differently (smarter) or something like a physics mod to change driving characteristics. Also common are graphics mods that use various sorts of coding and technology to make textures clearer and manipulate lighting effects in such a away that they add more immersion and make everything seem more like real life rather than just a game.
If you aren’t able to find the category for a mod that you’re looking for, it’s highly possible that the modification is simply listed under ‘Other’. Take a look around to see if you can find the modification in question for ETS 2.
Most of these modifications are installed the same way as other mods (unpack and place the file in /mod folder) but others have unique setup ways. Check out the mod description before downloading and make sure you understand the instruction because graphic mods that aren’t installed properly could crash your game. Leave a review if you’re happy with how the mod works!

This mod adds the latest real fuel prices in all regions of the game.

An update is made once a week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday

Please note this mod does not change the display of prices on the panels.

They are textures and the two are unrelated.

Update: 26.10.2022

Compatibility :

Current version

ETS2 and all DLC 1.45

ProMods 2.62

Middle-East 2.62

RusMap 2.44

ETS 2 & All DLC :

Austria = 2.045 €/L

Belgium = 2.202 €/L

Bulgaria = 1.651 €/L

Czech = 1.933 €/L

Denmark = 2.227 €/L

Estonia = 1.974 €/L

Finland = 2.194 €/L

France = 1.905 €/L

Germany = 2.130 €/L

Hungary = 2.054 €/L

Italy = 1.872 €/L

Latvia = 1.967 €/L

Lithuania = 1.869 €/L

Luxembourg = 2.021 €/L

Netherlands = 2.106 €/L

Norway = 2.374 €/L

Poland = 1.696 €/L

Portugal = 1.953 €/L

Romania = 1.830 €/L

Russia = 0.881 €/L

Slovakia = 1.880 €/L

Spain = 1.956 €/L

Sweden = 2.559 €/L

Switzerland = 2.254 €/L

Turkey = 1.419 €/L

United-Kingdom = 2.156 €/L

ProMods :

Aland = 1.960 €/L

Albania = 2.075 €/L

Andorra = 1.643 €/L

Armenia = 1.271 €/L

Belarus = 0.973 €/L

Bosnia-Herzegovina = 1.762 €/L

Croatia = 1.889 €/L

Cyprus = 1.884 €/L

Faroe Islands = 1.814 €/L

Georgia = 1.459 €/L

Greece = 2.139 €/L

Iceland = 2.273 €/L

Ireland = 1.979 €/L

Isle of Man = 1.590 €/L

Jersey = 1.600 €/L

Liechtenstein = 2.140 €/L

Macedonia = 1.632 €/L

Malta = 1.210 €/L

Moldova = 1.465 €/L

Monaco = 1.998 €/L

Montenegro = 1.650 €/L

Northern Ireland = 1.810 €/L

San Marino = 1.785 €/L

Serbia = 1.893 €/L

Slovenia = 1.775 €/L

Svalbard = 2.374 €/L

Ukraine = 1.460 €/L

Middle East :

Egypt = 0.369 €/L

Iraq = 0.360 €/L

Israel = 1.783 €/L

Jordan = 1.167 €/L

Lebanon = 1.048 €/L

Libya = 0.030 €/L

Saudi Arabia = 0.168 €/L

Syria = 0.891 €/L

West Bank = 1.783 €/L


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Pack adds in traffic 140 trucks and BDF’s (Mercedes Benz (MP2, MP4, Axor, Antos, SK, LK, NG, Atego, Econic), Scania (143M, 164L, P-series), Iveco Eurocargo, Trakker, Volvo (F10, FH12, FMX, FL7), MAN (TGA, TGS, F2000, TLF, TGM, Kat-1), Pegaso Troner, Tatra Phoenix, DAF CF, Renault (Premium DCI, Kerax, Major, C280), Ford (F-Max, Cargo), Sisu E14, various variants of bdf’s and special trucks).
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on version 1.45.x
Compatible with all my packs.

Version 7.9 – added new truck Mercedes-Benz Service truck


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

This mod replaces old-fashioned garages on the old map with modern-looking garages from Scandinavia DLC.

Includes the small and big garage entire map.


– Improved models inside the garage

– Updated the logo

– Update the manifest

– fixed minor errors in logs

Supported versions 1.45

scs, franklin

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others


October 20, 2022

This mod replaces standard garages with changed versions.

Added parked cars (outside the garage)
Added parked trucks (inside the garage)
Added an office (with employees and visitors)
Added workers (inside the garage)
Animated barriers are added at the entrances to the garage (only large garages)
models appear depending on the time of day and weather
The ability to place the logo of your company on the garage (textures lie in the Material \ Dlux Biglogo.DDS, BIGLOGO_NRM.DDS, SMALLLOGO.DDS folder)

Fixed collisions
Some duplicated models are removed
The brightness of the bright light of the sign of a small office has been changed, which now facilitates viewing dark areas in daylight


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Pack adds in traffic 1234 trailers with 4496 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Only quality lowpoly models – no FPS drop.
AI cables simulation compatible.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.45.x
Models and skins by: SCS Software, Giants Software, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl, Vaarduar, SkGe, Speedy143, Steini, Slash, Krokus, News, Zeros, Kast, RommiTZ, Rudi, bik_san, Vlakyt

Version 10.1 – added new trailers with 24 skins of real companies, some improvements


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others


October 19, 2022

Adds the coastal city of Emden to Germany, near Groningen

2022-10-17 Update

-Added localization support for all available languages

-Merged with SCS Werlte

-Updated PR assets to their newer counterparts

What’s new?

-Iberia is now required

-The road network of Emden and the surrounding area has been rebuilt to match current graphical standards.

-The Bremen rework done by ProMods has been merged completely with Emden – thanks to MG Mike for pointing this out and MandelSoft for telling me exactly where these were located.

-Some more of Emden has been opened up and now includes two more companies; OBI and Lidl – The prefab used for Lidl is known to be problematic as it is old, when/if ProMods fix the issue with the poland rebuilding prefabs then it should work again as normal.

-The opening of scenic areas in Emden will allow for future expansion to the small holiday island of Borkum, this will come at a later date.

Supported Game Versions: 1.45


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

What’s in it?

-A simple map of the steppe-like Area southeast of Aktobe.

-Parts of the Aralkum Desert

-4 cities: Shalkar, Kalybay, Embi and Aralsk/Aral

-In Aral, you can take a break at the former shore of this once giant lake.

-A sparsely populated post-soviet landscape

-Gas stations

-Some small villages

-Abandoned settlements and factories

-Some small details

-You need all DLC’s (except Iberia) & The Great Steppe!

Put the map ABOVE The Great Steppe!

Supported Game Versions: 1.45

CHANGELOG 2022-10-17 v2.0:

– The map now begins at TGS’s Kandyagash and Karabutak, this leaves everything of the current version of TGS untouched

– The Road to Aral version of Karabutak has been moved, rotated, and renamed to the city of Kalybay – this keeps almost all of the original map while also giving a “new” city

– Varous signage has been updated around the map

– General clean-up of the mod removing things such as def files that are not needed

– Added compatibility with TerraMaps Road to Asia project

– Created a separate caps fix


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others

Mod improves the dashboard DAF XF 105

Engine braking indicator (circle)

New retarder indicator (plus)

The “current speed” is now on the 1st page, and not on the 4th (replaced by fuel information), and the initial empty page was moved to “page 6”

The additional text and icon for the “current speed” page has been deleted, now only the number is displayed

A little changed the size of the text of the gear

The size of the speed of cruise control and the icon is changed.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others