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Do you like your truck to look stock but to go like hell? Or do you pay more attention to the visual and aesthetic aspects, like the lights, grill, beams, exhaust pipes, etc.? Whatever you may prefer to do with your truck, there is no denying the fact that customization of trucks is just amazing in Euro Truck Simulator 2. There are a lot of things that every player can change on their vehicle and the variety of options makes it super simple to make any truck truly one-of-a-kind.
Whatever you may have in mind or wish to realize, and if the game developers haven’t included that option, you’re almost guaranteed to find that solution here, on the ETS2 parts/tuning mods category. More powerful engines? You got it. More options for exterior lighting and accessories? A more realistic exterior detail or wheels? Definitely yes.
Regardless of how many modifications you would like to do on your truck, free ETS 2 parts/tuning mods are definitely the right choice for you. Every modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Gamersmods is free so you can download as many of them as you want. Downloading these mods can make the gameplay much more fun or much more realistic, depending on what you’re going for.

addons brazilian parts scania next gen eugene 1 38 2

Versão do ADDON 1.1
Tested on game version 1.35.x
Tested on game version 1.36.x
Tested on game version 1.37.x
Tested on game version 1.38.x
Foram adicionados partes brasileiras ao mod como addons sendo assim necessario o uso
do mod original do mesmo.(LINK ACIMA)


Adicionado 27 Climatizadores
———- 05 Opções de insufilm
———- 02 Placas Brasileiras sendo a vermelha e a Mercosul que podem ser editadas na .DDS
———- 03 Opções de Corneta Solenoide
———- 60 adesivos ao vidro interior e exterior que podem ser editados pela .DDS
———- 04 tanques biasi ao TRLR CABLES substituindo o Original e com as mangueiras funcionais
———- 04 tanques hidraulico que Tambem substituem o TRLR CABLES sendo assim as mangueiras de acoplamento aos rebopques funcionais

Rafael Alves

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
dafco stralis v2 hybrid truck mp sp multiplayer truckersmp 1 37 1 38 1

DAFCO STRALIS V2.0 1.37-1.38

September 19, 2020

Atención! Este mod agrega nuevas configuraciones para el DAF XF, estas son mediante accesorios del Iveco Stralis. El mod posee funcionamiento en el multiplayer, simplemente debemos de iniciar nuestra partida con el mod en el singleplayer, hacer las modificaciones en nuestro camión y una vez hecho esto ingresar al online (en lo posible desactivando el mod).
Attention! This mod adds new configurations for the DAF XF, these are through Iveco Stralis accessories. The mod has operation in the multiplayer, we just have to start our game with the mod in the singleplayer, make the modifications in our truck and once this is done enter the online (if possible deactivating the mod).

SCS Software, TEmaT

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
power on all wheels for all models of scania 1 37 1 38 1

All wheel drive for all models of scania!
This mod add:
– new chassis! (4×4 , 6×6 , 6×6/4 , 8×8)
– more fuel for chassis! 3200l for 4×4,6×6 and 6×6/4, 4000l for 8×8
Version 1.37-1.38: support for new versions, adjustment of parameters
Tested on v1.37-1.38!
If you share this mod, please use the original download link!
Thank you for downloading!
Drive Safely! Enjoy!


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
wheels pack by 50keda 5 2 1


September 16, 2020

– 100 different combinations
– 4 steel front rim variants
– 2 alcoa front rim variant
– 2 heavy duty front rim variant
– 2 steel rear rim variants
– 2 alcoa rear rim variant
– 6 front cover variants
– 1 paintable safety ring as front & rear cover
– featuring 7 truck brands
– featuring 2 tyre brands
– 5 sizes of front tyres
– 3 sizes of rear tyres
– paintable rims
– paintable hubs
– paintable nuts
for ETS2 1.38 and ATS 1.38


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
changeable metallic stripe for scania r 1

A changeable metallic stripe for Scania R, works with the Scania R from SCS and Eugene’s re-work. Suitable for both high and low cabs

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
el moh gamer ets2 1 38 mudflap l3aml 3ibada 1 2 1

El Moh Gamer – [ETS2 1.38] – Mudflap L3aml 3ibada
How to add Mod:
Docu / ETS2 / Mod
Install mod in Mod Manger:
Click 2 more And then you will find
that mod was activated successfully
Version: 1.38.X

El Moh Gamer

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
cishys extreme engines for volvo fh 2012 1 38x 0 1 1

Pack of my own Engines.
Do not Reupload!
OLSF Transmissions Recommeded to use Full Power of This Engines
ALL Engines are for Volvo FH 2012!
With Good Gearbox you can ride more than 300km/h!
Also No Damage mod Recommended!


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
scania rjl plate backlight v1 0 1 38 x 1

Needto select —> Backlight to see the object
Templates will be included
Now standalone
Tested 1.38
for Scania by RJL


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning