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ETS2 sounds mods

Usually, you don’t pay that much attention to the sounds too much. They’re new and exciting the first time you hear them but after a while, they kind of fade into the background and concede the 1st place to visual clues and visual fidelity. However, this is the role sound should be playing. It’s the job of the sound effects to make the game more immersive and engage, replicate (simulate) the real-world experience of truck driving. Even though there are many great things with the ETS2 game, sound effects are not its top quality. All engines sound similar and mechanical sound effects of the trucks are similar, if not identical, even if the trucks are of different makes and models.
By downloading sounds mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can make the truck engines sound more realistic and less linear like it is now. There are also open pipe sound mods which truly make your truck’s diesel engine (V8, preferably) open up. Other sound mods include the aforementioned mechanical clicks, whooshes, clunks, whines and a bunch of other sounds that truck drivers hear in real life.
On the other hand, you have fun sound mods that can change the GPS voice or turn the truck horn into a funny melody. So, whether you’re aiming for realism or fun, you will definitely find mods that will help you fulfil that goal, here.
All sound mods are free. Download them and leave a review if you liked it!

V8 Crackle sound mod for RJLS Scania 4 Series & T4 & Caspian Customs Scania R 4 series and T4 series.
Changelog: Removed the modified horn and blinker for some while they will be added soon.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Changelog v1.2
Update for 1.39

Changelog v1.1
Added real V8 horn and air horn
Added crackle variant too.

Converted Scania V8 4 Series Open PIpe made by Kriechbaum and reworked by me.It will work with Caspian Customs Scania R 4 series and T4 series.It is specially also made for the Scania R4 and T4 addon by RJL.100% fresh and windy sound.Here you may enjoy using my sound.
with Crackle

ArTrailfanRaf214, Kriechbaum, Oxygen(horns), aLmono, Oxygen

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Navigation Yandex Alice for Euro truck simulator2
Updated for compatibility with new patches
This mod adds voice navigation “Yandex Alice”.

TheAlive55, Robinicus, Yandex.

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Compatibility update for 1.39.2
– Pack provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game for increased immersion.
– The goal of the mod is to make the game’s sounds feel like real life. The mod will have regular updates to cover more sounds to add immersion. Thus the Steam Workshop version is highly recommended for quicker updates.

* ETS2 1.39.1 + ATS 1.39.2. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Compatible with all maps and all trucks, including truck mods.
* Does not replace individual truck sounds, so this mod can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.

Minimum requirements
Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods, RusMap, etc.)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. Jazzycat’s traffic packs)

Feature list

## 1. Fuel / Gas station sounds
* Retro/historic ding sound for while the fuel is pumping (circa 1960s to 1970s). The number of dings can help give you an idea on how much you refueled.
* Real fuel pump, fuel lid, door close, seat belt click and key insertion sound effects for after refueling.

## 2. Trailer sounds
* Real sound effects for trailer coupling.
* Real trailer brace rotation sound (sped up to match the animation).

## 3. Music / UI sounds
* “Late music” (also known as “Hurry up” music) replaced with Nokia phone ringtone sound (volume of this sound depends on Music volume in the in-game Audio settings).

## 4. Truck sounds
* Reworked default sounds for hazard light button, light switch, wiper stick, high beam stick, light horn stick, and retarder stick.
* Real and detailed default parking brake on/off sound (fallback sound for mod or modded trucks only).
* Reworked cabin noises when steering the truck.
* An extensive variety of air brake sounds.
* Subtle brake whistle sounds heard when coming to a stop (exterior view or when window open).

## 5. Traffic sounds
* Real engine and real idle sound for 2015 Subaru WRX STI car and MCI MC-12 bus in AI traffic.
* Amplified volume of cable car bell in San Francisco. [ATS edition only]
* Proper tire sounds for default AI cars. Engine and idle sounds to be added in later update.

## 6. Voice navigation
* Unrealistic phrases removed from English Doug UK/US and Skye UK/US voice navigation.
* Speaker effect for English Doug UK/US and English Skye UK/US voice navigation for increased immersion.

## 7. Wind and tire / tyre sounds
* Realistic wind sounds when opening the window at high speeds.
* Realistic tire sounds on asphalt roads, giving you a better sense of the speed of the truck.
* Realistic gravel sounds on dirt/gravel roads.
* Realistic tire sounds for grass terrain.

## 8. World sounds
* Improved sewage water sounds. [ATS edition]
* Improved wind turbine sounds.
* Reworked default railroad crossing bell sounds with a less harsher sound.
* Added/reworked sounds for animated objects such as hot air balloons and helicopters.

* SCS Software for base sounds
* Drive Safely for sound edits, some sound samples, and for compiling mod
* antonvezdehod for high speed tire sound
* Deltatristar500 for an external parking brake sound sample
* Grinch for default railroad crossing bell sound rework
* kriechbaum for light switch sound
* Vasily EVR for some air brake sound samples
* Zeemod for a wind sound sample

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

– Real Sound Startup/Stop Sound
– Real idle Sound
– Real Interior Wipers
– Real Interior Park Brake (Very Fun to Record this)
– Real Light Sticks
– Real Light Blinker Sticks
– Real low Air Warning Sound
– Real Retarder Sound ( Engine Brake)
– Real Engine Sound DTI 11 2015 Euro 6 (Thanks Beber01 for the opportunity to record the truck )


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Changes v2.0
Updated to v1.39.
But not also just an update, the sound has been thoroughly reworked and now you can have smooth yet brutal revs.

This sound mod has three variants in regard to the sound of the turbospool. Which are Greek, Swedish, and No Turbospool versions.
Incase you want to use both, do know that you have to use one sound mod at a time. Enabling both mods in game leads to conflict and crash of the game.
It is recommended that you use the default audio options truck engine and truck exhaust in game.
This Mod works for all SCS stock in-game Scania Trucks including the new generation Scania S/R and for the mod trucks Scania RJL(Including the 4 Series).

Japheth Rasta.Jr, Aeronildo, SCS.

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds


November 12, 2020

Changes V14.0:
Fixed missing badges on Scania RJL Pack.

Changes V13.0:
Fixed Definition For new Update Scania RJL (RS,R4,T,T4) and added new def for Scania S&R SCS, Scania R&S Eugene (Support 770hp Engines).
Rename and renew definition.

V8 engine open pipe sound mod for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “RS,R4,T,T4”, Scania R&S Stock, Scania S&R Eugene, and Fred’s Scania.

Kriechbaum, SCS, BWS

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds


November 8, 2020

V8 engine open pipe sound mod for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “RS,R4,T,T4”, Scania R&S Stock, Scania S&R Eugene, and Fred’s Scania.

– v13.0 : 2020/11/08
Fixed Definition For new Update Scania RJL (RS, R4, T,T4) and added new def for Scania S&R SCS, Scania R&S Eugene (Support 770hp Engines).
Rename and renew definition.

Bimo Wahyu Saputro

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds