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Currently, Euro Truck Simulator 2 players have the ability to drive 17 different trucks from 7 different manufacturers. However, in reality, there are only about 12-13 unique trucks while the rest are slight variations to existing models and you won’t notice any differences unless you really try and find them. This number of trucks seems sufficient enough at first. However, after you spend some meaningful hours in the game, truck variation seems almost non-existent. Luckily, you can download truck mods and continuously add new or classic trucks to the game.
First and foremost, the developers of the game – SCS Software take a few months, at the very least, to model and place newly released trucks into the game. Mod developers work a lot faster and thus, if a new truck is launched, it is likely that in a few weeks’ time you will be able to find a high-resolution mod for it in our mod library of ETS 2 trucks mods.
Furthermore, you can download mods for classic trucks, like Scania’s or Volvo’s from the early 90s’, trucks from even earlier periods or the unique Russian lorries from companies like KAMAZ, LIAZ, etc. Almost all mods have unique interior designs and driving characteristics. This means that a new MB Actros could shift gears a lot smoother than a Magirus-Deutz mod for a truck of the early 70s’.
All truck mods on our site are completely free. When you’re downloading multiple ETS2 truck mods, make sure that they don’t overlap each other as most mods just replace some existing truck.

Ashok leyland 1616il Truck
Author :- Hm.Faysal & Ashraful islam.
Supported V : 1.44 to 1.46x.

Ashraful islam

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks


March 2, 2023

Mercedes ACTROS BR

Game: Euro truck simulator 2

Tested on 1.46 version

– updated to newest Game Patch


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks

Changelogs v2.5

-Fixes steering wheel animation

-Bugs fixes

-Added Tandem trailer


+ Standalone Truck

+ 5 Chassis Type

+ 3 Cabin Type

+ 3 Interior Style

+ Mudflaps

+ Vabis Wheels

+ Sound

+ Tuning Parts

If you found some errors please report it to my official blog on

Fix & Update: soap98
Engine & Transmitions & Interior base: Gustavo Siebel
Interior Animations: Amir Mahdavi, Mahyar.Gh, Antonio62
Tester: Federico cardinali

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks

Skin is for Volvo FH5 by KP, Volvo FH16 by Pendragon, Kraker Walkingfloor Trailer

Lightbox & Numberplate included

enjoy follow for more stuff!

– Instagram: hedmark_transport_ets2 , ets2.realvsvirtual , scaniaandvolvoswedenpower

– Twitch: oikakka

– YouTube: Norwegian Trucker

– Gumroad:

Hedmark Transport

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks

Changelog V1.1

-Added new options

-added new ledges

-added low steering wheel

-added deflector

-added bumper (original, broken, and just aprachoque’s soul)

-added low and longer antennas

-added new paint mat

-added realistic interior in camera 2

-added flag of several groupings


-Fixes in defs and pmds

-Added external camera farther from the truck

-Added 5 new charges to the dry charge hull

-Added Cold Room Chest

-Added 7 new marsh options

-Added optional tanks

-Added Little Blue and Red Owlet

-Added Realistic Antennas on both sides of the cabin

Standalone and Compatible with ETS2 1.46X

LG Mods – Reedit By Macaulay

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks


February 28, 2023

Volvo FM 2016 with loading/unloading animation.


6 chassis options

10 engines


Painting + skins

Various cargoes

Conventional and off-road wheels

Animation of windows and doors

Loading/unloading animation

A lot of tuning

Changes: Update for patch 1.46

Tiozão Gamer

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks

– Lamberet SR2 is Standalone

– New Wheels for Truck and Trailer

– Metallic Color

– New Light texture on Trailer

– Interior Light


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks

URAL 6464 V0.5

February 24, 2023


Sold in the showroom DAF.

Spelled out in the gallery tractors to work in companies (as in Europe as well as in English).

– Fixed gamelog

– Changed mat for dashboard

– Fixed animation on speedometr

– Fixed rain effect on glass

Modeling in 3ds Max: JAWA
Envelope, animation, in the ETS 2: Stas556
Residence permit: Mishanka
Sound: Artem Abbasov

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks