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October 11, 2021

Interior Light & Emblems

Custom Emblems & Custom LED Emblems for all scs trucks and various custom trucks. It is fully standalone, nothing is replaced.

Last update note v8.1b

-My mod was removed by SCS and Steam for inappropriate content.

-Didn’t get a warning so a lot of people must have been disappointed.

-Some emblems have been removed or changed.

-Added support for 1.42.xx

Below the emblems that I removed or improved:

-CCCP (Removed, may cause insult)

-Faith Love (Removed for inappropriate content)

-Iron Cross (Removed, may cause insult)

-Iron Cross 2 (Removed, may cause insult)

-Latina Pin-up (Removed for inappropriate content)

-Nude Bus Club (Removed for inappropriate content)

-Scania Panty Dropper (Removed for inappropriate content)

-Redneck Flag (Removed, may cause insult)

-Scania Woman (Removed for inappropriate content)

-Smoking Skull (Removed, Drug References)

-Teutonic Order Flag (Removed, may cause insult)

-Utha flag (Removed, may cause insult)

And here the emblems that I replaced:

[green]C.A.T Diesel Power (Replaced, Inappropriate content)

[green]German Football Association (Replaced, may cause insult)

[green]Dutch Intl Cargo (Replaced, Drug References)

[green]Old Flag of Germany (Replaced, may cause insult)

[green]Hardrock Cafe (Replaced, Improved version)

[green]Heineken (Replaced, Improved version)

[green]I Love Amsterdam (Replaced, Drug References)

[green]Old Polish Flag (Replaced, may cause insult)

-Tested 1.42.xx

-Compatible with all scs trucks

-Scania RS & R4 (RJL), Scania T & T4 (RJL), Volvo FH16 2013 (Ohaha), MAN TGA (Madster), Ford F-Max (SimülasyonTÜRK), Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 (Actros 5 Crew), Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 (Dotec)

How do you activate the interior light?

When you choose an emblem on the rear panel you see a slot where you can activate the interior light (pick a color), turn on your headlight and your interior light is on, or use this add-on download here:

to turn on your interior light via the beacon button. Place the add-on above the Interior Light & Emblems mod in the mod manager.

Emblem requests and rules

If you would like to have your own emblem in your truck, I can do that for you by making a request in the discussie forum. I don’t always have time to do that right away, but once a month I update the mod with all requests. If you have a custom truck, please pass the truck model and I will add it to the definitions.

-Give a good example of the logo what you want.

-One logo at a time on request

-Do not ask when the update comes