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NaturaLux Graphics Mod v1.0 by Bidolot (1.38.x)

August 22, 2020

NaturaLux – is a weather and graphics mod, bringing the visuals of the game engine to a new level. Mod is also compatible and with ATS game.

Features mod NaturaLux:
– Over 250 skybox/skydome textures in mostly 8 and up to 16K quality
– Every single skybox/skydome texture comes with individual and the most realistic visuals, as currently possible within the game limitations
– Improved, custom and realistic cloud shadows
– Realistic sun visuals (including custom flare)
– Improved skybox model (higher poly, seamless textures)
– Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (sun does not shine through clouds anymore)
– Enhanced visuals during rainy weather (new rain streaks, no shining sun through cloudy skies, fog, rainbows, rain intensity variations)
– Realistic and soft bloom settings
– New sound effects (rain and thunder)
– Some improved ground textures
– More realistic light flares and light behaviour / visuals
– Improved particles
– Total overhaul of night visuals incl. realistic and correct nightsky and star positions
– Realistic looks of the moon
– New loading screens

Tested on game version 1.38.x


GerScaniaTrucker, Bidolot