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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map is one of the most famous and well-known games in the simulation genre. The iconic setting and style of the game has allowed developers SCS Software to become a household name in the gaming industry. ETS 2 is very fun to play because it allows people to take a job as a logistics company owner/entrepreneur who can drive multiple trucks through quite detailed recreated maps of many European countries. When your business can sustain itself, you can travel in free roam or test out new trucks or just have some fun.
But the imagination and capabilities of the game developers are limited. Luckily, we have tons of mods for euro truck sim 2 mods that enhance, improve or fix the experience that players have in-game. There is a wide variety of mods that you can choose from. There are bus and car mods which allow you to drive various real-world buses or interesting cars instead of just trucks. Then you have map mods which offer to bring in more detail to the map of Europe or add expansions like new regions and roads to explore.
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cover tofas sahin 144 NxMmJYtEwR


June 17, 2022

Updated to 1.44

Vehicle features
– Animated sunroof (works with right glass)
– 4 different chassis options
– 5 different rim options
– Xenon lights
– Ambient lighting (works with O Key)
– Orange indicator light

Berkay Pekesen – Çağatay Aksan

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars
cover ferry collection for ets2

Some cities with ports are quite close to each other, but they don’t have a ferry connection in between.

This mod adds some extra ferry connections to shorten the distance between those cities.

Changelog v1.44 (Requires ProMods, Finnmark):

Brensholmen – Bergen

Brensholmen – Frederikshavn

Brensholmen – Thurso

Vinnie Terranova

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others
cover mediterranean expansion v1 1

Hi there! I have created a mod which I have named Mediterranean Expansion. The map is currently only has the island of Crete but I plan on mapping other islands in the Aegean sea

The map contains two cities Chania and Heraklion

Changelog 1.44

-Updated the road connecting Chania and Heraklion, Made minor improvements to both cities and fixed signs.

-Fixed A minor traffic issue

-Fixed no licence plates being on Trucks. Improved Chania. Added an extra company to Chania. Made compatible with 1.44

It REQUIRES PROMODS just place the mod above all the Promods files. It will most likely work with any map that doesn’t add Crete


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps
cover kamaz 5511 v270 144 3voA9d

KAMAZ 5511 V2.70 1.44

June 15, 2022

To install a mod, unpack the archive. There are two files: KamAZ itself and trailers itself, KamAZ should be the highest priority.

changes: V

– adapted to new version

– suspension settings have been made.

– Fixed bugs in the shop.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus
cover scania r700 reworked by ka 1

– Adaptation to 1.44 patch

– Chassis repositioned like SCS Streamline

– Default engine sounds changes from Next-Gen to Old Streamline

– Fixed found errors and bugs

– Added engine badges for 1000 and 1150hp engines

– Added 8×4 chassis

– Added plastic and painted parts

– Added some tuning parts

– Added new paintjobs

– Added SiSL Mega Pack compatibility

Au44 (Truck), SCS Software ,RJL (tuning parts)
Reworked: kasuy

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks
cover krone trailer open v144 1n


June 15, 2022

You must have: Krone DLC

When Trailer is connected to the truck the trailer is closed..

When Trailer isn’t connected to the truck the trailer is opened..


SCS, Kazdiic

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trailers
cover bmw 530d m5 tech AeY2kUMet

BMW 530D-M5 TECH 1.44

June 15, 2022

– HQ Model

– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)

– 3 Different Sound/Low Medium High Power

– 4 Different Wheels

– Plate option

İsmail Kaan Sarıbıyık-Mert İrşi

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Cars
cover scs mex map extension v11 1

This map extension adds a new city or rather commercial area called Münchberg-Nord.

You can reach the commercial area if you are traveling on the A9 in the direction of Munich or Berlin.

v1.1 (Requires ALL MAP DLC’s)

Bug fixes Exomar

Vegetation improvements within the industrial area

Construction site added in preparation of a new city

Added exit Münchberg traffic lights and better crossing


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps