Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps
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November 14, 2018

Description: Lovers of the jungle and the exotic dedicated. You go to the village of Pacheski in Brazil to manage your farm business. The dimensions of the Pacheski map for Farming Simulator 2017 are small, but it is very interesting to play on it: Despite the hot climate, the soil is fertile - you can count on a good harvest. Most of the territory is occupied by fields. Forests and reservoirs at least. All of them are free. On the Pacheski map, there is a lot of off-road traffic - vehicles on tracks and off-road vehicles are useful to you. Large lake and silo station. Volumetric elevators and several enterprises. Windmills installed. Declared support for the seasons. Looking into the store, you can purchase the necessary equipment and equipment. What else is on the Brazilian Pacheski map? A necessary attribute of FS 2017 is dirt - the scripts on it are presented in full. You can also practice growing new crops. Fans of forestry will appreciate the possibility of harvesting young forest. Authors: Bruno Pacheski