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Amazone fertilizer sprayer Modpack v1.0 altes Orange

October 27, 2016

First of all: These mods are for those who miss the devices from Amazon and will work with you / want to play, because there are these devices. The mods do not correspond 100% to the LS17 standard. I myself prefer it if there is a wide variety of different devices of the same type in the game. Be it only different brands, or different sizes. Therefore, I have converted the "missing" devices of the brand from the Amazon LS15 in the LS17 and combined into one Amazone fertilizer / sprayer Modpack. What is included? Amazone UF 1801 24m syringe Amazone ZA-M 1501 Mineral spreaders 26m Amazone ZG-B 8200, 26m Trailed fertilizer spreader What has been done? installed LS17 Lights i3D converted to the new format Store description corresponds to the state of LS15 default_cube and rough_cube instead of cubemap and cubemapRough installed converted particle systems from the LS15 and adapted with the textures of the LS17 ZG-B 8200: Wheels selectable when buying between standard, wide tires and Pflegebereifung All units are helpers Suitable and can you check them on missions. The only negative is the Orange that the LS17 strong was executed. Since I am not so good in the texturing, the slightly paler textures of LS15 nor built. Who cares is invited to adapt the textures and publish the Modpack with custom textures ;-) Authors: GIANTS Software, amhh