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Better milking with Lely machines in fs 2017. Rumors or not?

April 9, 2016

Farming simulator is one of the best worldwide simulation games where everyone can be a farmer. It has been calculated that current version have sold more than 2 million game units and it’s not over yet. You can choose what type of farmer you want to be. You can grow grains, vegetables, even animals, like cow or chickens so the game allows finding yourself in the most comfortable position. Latest rumors are spreading that GIANTS Software Company, the owner of farming simulator, have signed an agreement with Lely, which are best known for producing agricultural machines. It means that if this rumor seems to be right, we will able to enjoy new possibilities in fs 2017 and reach new level with the best agricultural tools in the world. In the latest Farming Simulator version, which is expected to come out in autumn of 2016, it will be possible to exploit the Lely Splendimo 900 MC Mower, the Lely Lotus 1250 Profi Tedder, the Lely Hibiscus 1515 CD Profi Rake, and the Lely Tigo XR 75 Combi Loader wagon. For milking, and caring for cows in the barn, the Lely Astronaut A4 Milking Robot and the Lely Luna cow brush will be added to the game. All these brand new features mean much easier harvesting and milking in fs 2017. It is time to rise to a brand new level of farming where everything becomes much easier. This may improve production rate and you will able to earn more money while selling it. Farming simulator already has an agreement with 40 worldwide farming brands and after Lely has been involved, it is clearly seen that GIANTS Software company make their best to create the best simulator game and stand in the very first position. If it is true, we will see later but it is always glad to hear rumors like this. Authors: