Farming simulator 2017 mods / Objects
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September 25, 2018

Description: Hello dear ones! Version 3.0 On request fruit adaptation (but as always more expensive than self-produced) there were 1. seed 2nd fertilizer 3rd salt 4. flour included in the assortment. In addition, a lighting was installed so that our customers find their way to us at night. Here I would like to introduce you to my latest placeable MOD. You get here a supermarket for many fruits cereals and feed. It should be noted that we have to earn something, of course, and so our goods are of course much more expensive than if you produce them yourself. Thus, this sales silo is more to quicly obtain missing goods, for example, to produce something or to provide animals, reselling is not worthwhile, because then you quickly in the minus. Especially those who play with the season Mod appreciate our offer. The MOD is set for multiplayer, but if it works there without restriction you have to try it yourself, I could not test. In the single player he works perfectly. He is also prepared for the Platinum DLC you can buy: Wheat barley rape corn soybean sunflower rye spelled Onions potatoes sugar beet carrots Green salad cabbage red cabbage cane Hops tobacco Chaff silage Pig feed compound feed wood chips To play just download the MOD here and insert the in your mods folder. You find him under placeable objects. LG Suzi Authors: Modell: Giants Suzi Textur: Giants Suzi Script: Blacky (BPG) Suzi Idee / Konzept: Suzi Tester: Suzi Sonstige: LS17 (26.11.2017)