Farming simulator 2017 mods / Forklifts & Excavators
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November 14, 2018

Tracked tractor DT-75 Kazakhstan c. The price - 10 600. Power - 75l / s. Max. speed - 12km Tank - 245 liters. Working lighting. Noise isolation. Animation of the fan, driver, motor, starter, gearshift lever, gas on the engine, chassis, dashboard, animated levers. Doors open, windows go down. Adjustable rear hinge (mouse). Dynamic exhaust, leaves traces and dust from under the tracks. Washes. Included is a heap. Pure log (Thank you Suleimann for the sounds) Changes v 2.0: Caterpillar animation fixed. Added stacker and dipper for loading. Changes v 2: Script S60 (I don’t know the difference), hitch with a shovel, engine selection, texture hinge Changes v 1: Now this is one tractor with a choice of color, a bug with the choice of design is corrected, there are two and files with traces in the textures folder with copy and replacement at \ data \ shared \ materialHolders Installation Instructions DT-75 Kazakhstan in FS17: Your first action will be to download the archive using the appropriate button below. Mods on our site are virus-free, and 99.9% have any extension other than “.exe”! If the downloaded file has the extension ".zip" - you do not need to extract anything from this archive, but just transfer it to the folder for other modifications, although there are exceptions. If the downloaded archive has the extension ".rar", then, as a rule, it contains a whole pack of mods for FS2017 - such archives should be unzipped. Specifically to this mode, you need to: move the documents / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods / into the folder. Authors: Umbrella