Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps
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July 30, 2017

Hello, Version Profondeville 17 VF *Add dirty *Add Fish *Add lots of details and new places *Add straw storage *Fixed (again :P) snowmask (fix black straw for who did not use the season mod) *Fixed low fps in parts of the map *Modified the winmill sell place *Modified the farm *Optimization This will probably the last version of this map, im sorry i did not had the time to make a new pda, but its not really a problem ... the fish are close to the ETA :) thnx for ur support and feedback ! this helped me a lot ! i did all alone ... It was my first map and i learned a lot about mapping, and will be new project soon :) have fun ! here im happy to present you my first map for Farming Simulator 17. This map is a fictive country from Belgium ... I hope u will enjoy it, like i did to creat and play on this map. On this version u will find : -Mod season Ready (no snow under the building) -Soja production -Sawmill production with 2 place where to sell the pallet -BGA -Big, medium and small fields size -1 farm with all animals there -1 ETA -and more. Update will come ponctualy If u find any mistakes, bugs, please let me know at [email protected] have fun! Bootsy Authors: bootsy modding Thnx to all moders let there 3D for free and help us to make maps they are too much for tell them. Thnx to al modders who i taked the script (Marhu and more ...) Thnx to tiyoyo for his help!