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July 30, 2017

Hello! I have for you my first mod of the Deutz Fahr TTV series. * Everything has full script! Many IC options, washbar, alarms, joystick animation, door and window sounds, animation on boarding and disembarking Many configurations for wheels, hydraulics Engine with 224 hp upgradeable to a maximum of 263 hp In the LOG you will not find any mistakes! Deutz Fahr TTV "Krieger" also known as Warrior There is also the possibility to turn the round lights on or Beacon Lights Warrior design Warrior Gold LTD design Other features and options include: Trailer coupling -> no warning signals, with warning signals or the normal street design Motor versions see above Three Deutz TTV versions: 7210 TTV, 7230 TTV and 7250 TTV Equipment headlights inside and outside With a maximum of 263 hp, the Deutz also looks at 63 km / h! Suggestions for further versions are always welcome! There will also be an update at least once a month. I hope the first full version will be released this year! Thanks to the STV Modding Team who have saved me some work! Of course, the Mod may not be offered on other pages for download without my consent! Authors: Modell: Deutz Fahr TTV Krieger Textur: Giants, STv Modding-Team, Idee / Konzept: STv Modding-Team Tester: STv Modding-Team Sonstige: X3D Modding STv- Modding-Team,X3D - Modding