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November 30, 2017

Description: Welcome to the Gold Crest Hills Map Version 1.4.2 Problem with the meat processing with the pallets fixed Production of empty pallets and cartons increased Pricing slightly adjusted it This is a converted standard Map (och nö not again, already there so many) No one is forced to download does not want all others I wish you all a very good harvest. What has been changed: Sheep, pigs and cows are all on farm and pastures were enlarged Built 2 new clamp for cows Reset point for vehicles is now in the court Barn for straw and Heuverkauf is now at Marys Farm Sales of liquid and solid manure is now performed at BuyAndSales (there where box 18 was) but you can there also Tanker Liquid Manure, manure spreaders, seeders and fertilizer control fill! Loading on trailers is not yet possible, the owner of BuyAndSales is here unfortunately somewhat peculiar. Sales of silage, wood chips, shredded and loose hay and straw at BuyAndSales 2 roads were removed and adapted the landscape Changed Diverse fields, enlarged, deleted or created the possibility of them using merge the plow Gold pieces redistributed! Have fun searching! Installed lighting at court Adapted PDA Map Authors: Modell:Giants/ Rebell79 Textur: Eribus Idee / Konzept: Giants / Rebell79 Tester: Rebell79 Sonstige: Webalizer, Arii Palettensammler Marhu AdditionalMapTypes Blacksheep(RC-Devil) Gas Station Extended Manual Barrier Blacky_BPG BGA Silo kingkalle - Team LTW Kastor Food Inc Kastor Zaun Pack Team Wild (Nordfriese) Wirtschaftszweige SvapaAgro Svapa-Agro Sägewerk Slow Saw slowtide63