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Goldcrest USA v1.0

December 24, 2016

Hello, because we have become good friends with the Giants Editor I have my farm on the original Goldcrest Valley to my taste newly built, of course, with all the animals and thought to myself, I offer you this map, maybe like my new yard is jemanden.Es a huge yard with enough space for the whole placeable objects which meanwhile for the LS17 gibt.Bitte with the rate not be so strict, we are only one month friends, before I was able to install Giants Editor and open, nothing else, I taught myself with the help of videos, google and try everything yourself. Pda adapted except pigs who simply did not want to go home the pig. (Only pda) Zugladekran does not work, but he has in me never works, Chopped straw is I do not believe it, but that would be too much for now :-) Your message has two fields and the start vehicles are almost the same as the original. The vehicles are returned to the court. I recommend to the Mod Locodrive then the train beautifully past the farm. The log is with me no errors. Installed are: Cow silos of Vertexdezign, the most beautiful I've seen in LS habe.Danke Niggels for your info. Maschienenhalle of Gsi Flash. LPG workshop FQC-kind. Raised bed and benches Basti pimples Sawmill Kevink98, of course professional Marhu, and Fasi. High bay is And where I got the other things I do not know, but thank all the modders because without you LS would not be so nice. I hope I have not forgotten. Then I wish you a lot of fun on the Map. Authors: Arek500