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November 12, 2018

Description: The last update of Jorans Farm is there. On the website there are a lot of other mods to be downloaded with the game. Also there is a contest going on about screenshots. The map is according to the people that play it awesome. So download the final version and farm happy. Joran´s Farm Final details: File size : 1.422.997 Kb Last update : 04-11-2018 Designer : Mavericks Design Authors: Thanks, Specials and Credits -Joran: ideas and wishes (without him this map wouldn’t be made) -Luca : the website brain and tester -Jacer Shepherd : made the guide for the map -Ronny Sell: testing -Billy_boyd42 : testing -Neale green: testing -Farmer Klein: Youtube introduction -Nick the Hick: Youtube introduction -Rudeman53: Youtube introduction -Gakki Spielt: German Youtube introduction The specials: Tielbeke Transport en Warehousing Fly and Food De Koperen Hoogte Biesebosch Truckwash BGS Niedersachsen GmbH Profis am Werk GmbH Van der Vlist Transportgroup Credits: -bdbssb (mods and help) -shywizard ( mods and help) -farmer Andy (mods) -gtx Andy(mods) -kevink98 (scripts) -igor29381 (script for the trailer and some buildings) -blacksheep – rc-devil (scripts) -jolydodger (utility van)