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Let’s guess what new features we’ll able to see in fs 2017

April 4, 2016

Farming simulator is one of the best real life games so far but there is still a lot of stuff which could be improved so the game could visualize our world in the flesh. Even though we were able to see several farming simulator 2017 teasing trailers, after all, more questions than answers came to our heads. It is worth to admit that farming simulator 2015 was extremely good visualizing our real world and the graphics were astonishing too so it is hard to see what else could be improved. After all, let’s guess what new features wait for us in fs 2017 version. First of all, it is possible to expect for a better ground deformation. So far, no matter how much farming you do in this game, ground still retains their best functioning. It would be satisfying to see something more realistic in this area. The more you grow up, the yeastier soil becomes. Of course, then it would took some time until soil would become fertile again or until other farming spot would be found but everything is much more exciting when it reflects real life. Secondly, this game should include more realistic economy. Of course, all the basics are included but what about other stuff like extremely low or high prices, which could lead to bigger concurrency. Furthermore more expenses should be included into final price. For example transportation, warehousing, some sort of salary to employees or something similar. All these things could improve players understanding in real life economy and so the game could become not only a tool for a best leisure time but educational as well. Even though farming simulator is really good, it is possible to make it even better. If you are interested in other fs 2017 new features, stay with us and the second part is coming soon. Authors: