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Lizard Pickup TT with RUL v1.0

October 31, 2016

Here I have a small modification of the original vehicle. I was there all the time has already upset the standard pickup from Giants no Rundumleuchte. That’s why I am drangemacht to change this. It is not a great remodeling but I share with you in because there are certainly some players who want them to also but have no knowledge of the GE. This is the standard Lizard Pickup TT with a flashing beacon. The specifications remain the same. Price from € 54,000 Maintenance from 60 € / day Power 200 PS / 147 KW Tank 60 liters Speed ??120 Km / h All LS17 standards No Logfehler! Have fun with the little tag! Note: This is my first mod I publish. I have repeatedly carried out already in LS15 tags of vehicles for myself. That is not here great I know and am aware of! However, I beg leave to no stupid comment or insults. For ideas or improvements I am open. Authors: Giants ChrisRaven ChrisRaven (Modifikation)